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VIDEO: TK Q&A: All About Mobile Column Lifts

We sat down with Jack Longstaff, one of our knowledgeable Area Sales Managers, to learn all about our flagship mobile column lifts, and answer some key questions.

Check out Jack’s answers in our video, or full transcript, below.

Q. Can you kick us off with an overview of Totalkare mobile column lifts?

A. Totalkare’s mobile column lifts are generally suitable for lifting the heavier side of the industry, so vehicles such as your buses, coaches, trucks, waste and recycling vehicles. They are fully mobile, so they come with a simple jacking handle on the back of the column. Once you release that into a downward position, you can then push the column lift around.


Q. Can you tell us about some of the key features of Totalkare’s latest models?

A. Totalkare’s mobile column lifts can be configured in sets of four, six or eight, with a total lifting capacity of up to 60 ton. This is cut down into 7.5 ton per column. Each column does also come with adjustable wheel forks on the bottom, meaning you can adjust them to pick up any different wheel sizes. They are four identical columns on the T8 range, meaning you can operate it from any corner.


Q. The latest models include the T8DC, T8AC and G8AC. What are the differences?

A. So the T8DC, that’s your fully cable free version, so there’s no interconnecting cables on these, which in busy workshops can save on trips and slips. These charge up off your standard 240-volt sockets. You generally get between about three and five working days on one single charge.

Now the T8AC’s are an identical column to the DC’s, but this version is connected via cables. So you’ve got interconnecting cables that require three-phase power.

The G8AC column lift is a fully galvanised lift, generally used for wash bays or outdoor use. They talk to each other through interconnecting cables and require three-phase power.


Q. Are there any other models of Totalkare mobile column lift?

A. So Totalkare’s been supplying mobile column lifts for over 40 years now. There’s been a variety of different models across that term. The older models that we take back in as part exchange, we do fully refurbish and test them under maximum weight in the workshop before sending them on to a customer.


Q. Is there anything else our customers should be aware of?

A. Totalkare offer flexible finance options, so whether you’re looking at an outright purchase, whether you’re looking at finance, or leasing them – you even have the option to do a short-term hire. We do also offer a full service repair and maintenance package. We’ve got Totalkare engineers up and down the country that will be able to service and repair your lifts.


Q. Fantastic! How can people get more information?

A. We’ve always got people available to talk on the phone or video chat. We can also set up a site survey if needed, so we can have a face-to-face meeting. Give the office a call and we’ll take it from there. Alternatively, you can look on our website. We’ve got lots of brochures and spec sheets available to look at.



If you’d like more information on our mobile column lifts or any other product, please get in touch with our friendly team, or fill out a quote request form here.