Play Detectors

Totalkare play detectors are a hydraulically operated device that is fitted to a vehicle lift or inspection pit. It is used to move the position of a vehicle’s wheel in different directions to detect wear and play in suspension and steering joint components.




Totalkare’s play detectors consist of a single moving plate which is positioned on one side of the vehicle lift platform or inspection pit. The plate can move laterally by 45mm in both directions and rotate about a centre point by 12.5 degrees clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The equipment comprises three main items as listed below:

  • A control system which is either fitted to a designated post on the four-post lift or floor mounted for pit installations
  • A moving plate assembly which is either fitted to a designated lift platform or inspection pit
  • A handheld remote control torch for the operation of the unit (hard-wired or wireless)

Operation of the play detector can be achieved by using the keypad fitted to the body of the control torch.



  • Lift post or pit-mounted
  • Combined lateral and rotational vehicle wheel shift from a single compact hydraulic power unit
  • Fast one-man inspection of wheel bearing wear and steering linkage components
  • Auto repair function in all lateral and rotational modes
  • Auto zero plate centering


Chris Adgie

Director, Stagefreight

Enables us to undertake testing in-house…

Totalkare’s wheel play detector enables us to undertake key testing in-house