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Safety, compliance, and precision are at the core of every Class 7 MOT bay. Totalkare’s 4-post lifts embody these principles, offering a reliable and secure solution that ensures safe lifting operations and meets stringent regulations.

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Class 7 MOT Bay:

Raising the Standard

In a Class 7 MOT bay, you can service a variety of vehicles such as vans and ambulances. The selection of a lift is pivotal to meet regulations. 4-post lifts provide the stability and safety needed for these larger vehicles. Our 4-post lifts are designed to meet these exacting DVSA standards, ensuring a seamless testing process.

Versatility Beyond Class 7:

Your Lift, Your Way

Our 4-post lifts offer flexibility beyond Class 7 vehicles. Whether it’s motorhomes, larger SUVs, or something outside the box, these lifts possess the capacity and adaptability to suit your requirements. With varying weight capacities, our lifts are engineered to cater to a diverse range of vehicles, making them a valuable asset to any workshop. Class 7 vehicles encompass a wide array of vehicles, including vans, ambulances, and sweepers. Our 4-post lifts are designed to accommodate the unique challenges posed by these vehicles. With their adaptable weight capacities and compliant construction, our lifts facilitate accurate testing and maintenance for a range of Class 7 vehicles.

Safety First:

Confidence with Every Lift

Safety is our paramount concern. Our 4-post lifts conform to rigorous safety regulations, ensuring secure lifting and servicing. Moreover, these lifts adhere to maintenance and servicing standards required for MOT’s as mandated by the DVSA, guaranteeing consistent and secure performance over time. Whether you’re servicing vans, ambulances, or light sweepers, our lifts provide stable and secure lifting, guaranteeing the safety of your technicians and the vehicles being worked on.

Servicing Requirements

& Regulations

In any MOT bay, adherence to regulations is paramount. Our 4-post lifts align with these specifications, offering the necessary stability and capacity for larger vehicles. Unlike 2-post lifts, our 4-post lifts eliminate the need for vehicle repositioning, ensuring efficient testing processes while complying with safety guidelines. Totalkare can also help with every step of your installation, to ensure the highest standards.

Experience Efficiency

with Totalkare 4-Post Lifts

Discover the efficiency and dependability of Totalkare’s 4-post lifts. From Class 7 MOT bays to versatile vehicle maintenance, our lifts are engineered to amplify your workshop’s capabilities. Whether it’s compliance, versatility, or safety, Totalkare has your workshop needs covered.

At Totalkare, we go beyond mere compliance. Our 4-post lifts not only meet regulations but also enhance your workshop’s efficiency and effectiveness. From Class 7 MOT bays to diverse vehicle servicing needs, our lifts provide a safe, compliant, and versatile lifting solution that stands as a testament to our commitment to quality. Request a call to explore our range of 4-post lifts today and speak to the experts.

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