Mobile Brake Tester

Our DVSA-approved mobile brake tester is strong, durable and suitable for testing all vehicles up to a maximum axle load of 16,000kg.



The DVSA-approved Totalkare mobile brake tester can be supplied with a range of features, giving a high level of customisation to meet your specific workshop requirements.

The mobile brake tester’s design is simple yet strong and flexible. Our standard model can test up to 16,000kg axle load and can be placed on asphalt, concrete and even on uneven gravel, sand or dirt.  For heavier axle loads, an upgraded version that can test up to 20,000kg is also available.

Totalkare’s mobile brake tester is supplied with a tablet unit that communicates wirelessly with the brake tester. The tablet uses a virtual display to show all the readings of the test and a touchscreen-based remote control, enabling brake tests to be conducted from the driver’s seat in a matter of minutes.



  • Tablet interface allows user to control and monitor test results directly on handheld unit
  • Diagnostic print out
  • Automatic axle weighing and vehicle total weight
  • Test vehicles with a high variation of wheel bases up to 4,000mm
  • Single or bi-directional rollers
  • Optional Tachograph calibration (11kW gear motors 2.0km/h)
  • Optional axle load simulation
  • Connected equipment ready


Brake Tester

Our DVSA-approved mobile brake tester is suitable for testing all vehicles up to a maximum axle load of 16,000kg. It can be placed directly on the floor – inside or outside the workshop – without the need for any civil work to be carried out.

Handheld display & remote control

The tablet display allows for touch screen monitoring and operation from the driver’s seat, eliminating the inconvenience of visual obstructions and communication issues.

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Diagnostic print out

Available with and without link to PC with digital software.

Automatic weighing

Functionality for axle weighing and vehicle total weight calculation.

Optional upgrades available

Enhance your mobile brake tester with a number of optional upgrades including bi-directional rollers, extended on-ramps, play detection, load simulation and tachograph calibration.


James Mulligan

Operations Director, Endurance Vehicle Solutions

Technical experts that are second to none…

Endurance vehicle solutions

We turned to Totalkare to help us with the lifting and brake testing side of things. The technical experts they have are second to none and guided us through the options until we arrived at the products that best suited our requirements for high-performance, durability and, importantly, flexibility.