Heavy Duty Y-MECH Lift

The Y-MECH Lift from Totalkare is the ideal solution where a fixed position for lifting operations is needed and the flexibility of mobile vehicle lifts is not required. The lift can come in dfifferent capacities and platform lengths to suit your workshop requirements.



The Y-MECH lift from Totalkare is uniquely designed to provide extraordinary freedom of movement, and is the ideal solution where a fixed position for lifting operations is needed and the flexibility of mobile vehicle lifts is not required. The four independent support legs provide an optimal working space around the lift for the maintenance and repair of heavy duty vehicles.

The Y-MECH Lift is available as surface or recessed mounted and is available in different drive on/drive off options. It can also be supplied fully galvanised which can be used in external washbay applications. Depending on the option chosen, the Y-MECH Lift has a lifting capacity ranging from 25,000kg – 35,000kg and a maximum platform length 14.5m.



  • A range of capacities available from 25,000kg – 35,000kg
  • A range of platform lengths 6m – 14.5m
  • Floor supports are hot-dip galvanised and thus optimally protected against corrosion
  • Mechanical safety latches guarantee max safety of the vehicle in raised a condition
  • Lifts can be fully galvanised for washbay/outside applications
  • Drive on and off, and drive through options available
  • Can be surface mounted or recessed into the floor for a flush fit
  • The user-friendly operator panel can be adapted to local conditions
  • Rollover and roll-back protection to avoid vehicle from dropping down
  • Rails are lifted vertically, thus allowing access all around the lift
  • Lighting provided on the lifts
  • Heavy duty jacking beams in various capacities available
  • IP Rating - the lift electronics are IP67, however the control panel is less
  • Site Surveys upon request


Charles Lilley

Workshop Manager, Department of Infrastructure

We’ve used Totalkare for the last 20 years…

Department of infastructure

Having used Totalkare for the last 20 years, we were confident they would find us an ideal replacement to our old wash bay set up. The galvanised four post provides us with a much safer and more durable solution, and we are very pleased with this latest addition to our depot.

John Goodwin

Depot Manager, Channel Commercials

Hands-on approach to customer relations…

Channel Commercials

Some of the major factors behind the decision to invest in a four post lift from Totalkare were the long-standing quality of products we have received, coupled with the quality of the AfterKare service and hands-on approach to customer relations.

Debbie Jackson

Fleet Manager, Monmouthshire County Council

Impressed with service, delivery and installation…

Monmouthshire county council

I am very impressed with the service, delivery and installation of the four post lift from Totalkare.