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Agriculture is an essential industry, encompassing crop and livestock production. Without reliable agricultural vehicles and trailers, you’re without fundamental tools for your farm. It’s important that the right equipment is used to maintain your machinery. Totalkare can provide you with the best equipment for the harsh environments associated with agricultural vehicles.

agri mobile column lifts

Agricultural Mobile Column Lifts

Agricultural Wheel Dolly

Agricultural Brake Tester

Agricultural Tyre Changer - NAV43

Agricultural Adaptor



Agricultural vehicles enable farmers to grow more crops within a shorter time and with greater efficiency, providing labour-saving technology and the power to cultivate land more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Totalkare’s equipment ensures the maintenance of Agricultural machinery, preventing significant losses for your farms, avoiding breakdowns, accidents and scheduling issues, all whilst protecting the quality of your assets.



Agricultural vehicles, trailers and trailed appliances are covered by the Health and Safety Work Act 1974, requiring companies and individuals to take precautions in order to ensure the safety and practicality of their equipment. With most farming transport accidents occurring off-road, the maintenance of farm machinery is essential.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, states that machinery must be suitable for the task, properly maintained and guarded, with the appropriate training and information given to employees, applying to any person in control of the equipment.

TotalKare offers the best appliances, guaranteeing the repair and maintenance of farm machinery. With employers carrying out regular checks, your machinery can be in safe, efficient working order with the support of Totalkare’s Agricultural equipment.



Totalkare offers equipment of the highest quality and value, from agriculture mobile column lifts, tyre changers, brake testers, wheel dollies and other workshop equipment to protect your vehicles.

Agricultural mobile column lifts provide safety and security when lifting heavy duty vehicles.

Universal agricultural adapters ensure safe lifting of tractors from a range of manufacturers.

Tractor wheel dollies enable easy and safe mounting, demounting and handling of wheels of all sizes.

Agriculture roller brake testers provide detailed readings on the condition and efficiency of the vehicle, allowing for safe and accurate results every time.