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Totalkare specialises in vehicle lifts and testing equipment for heavy duty commercial vehicle workshops across multiple industries


Totalkare specialises in lifting and testing equipment for heavy duty commercial workshops


Take advantage of Totalkare’s comprehensive & affordable service packages for peace of mind


Totalkare’s CPD-certified online training ensures operatives remain safe & compliant with UK legislation


Totalkare offers a range of attractive finance options for our workshop equipment, suitable for any budget


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing


Lifting & Testing

Mobile Column Lifts

Totalkare is the UK market leader for mobile column lifts, with a history dating back over 40 years. Mobile column lifts are the ideal solution for heavy duty commercial workshops.

Four & Two Post Lifts

Four Post lifts from Totalkare are ideal for scenarios where a fixed position for lifting operations is needed, and the flexibility of mobile column lifts is not required.

Brake Testers

When it comes to garage equipment, brake testers are one of the most vital components and form a crucial aspect of vehicle inspection. They're used by MOT stations and test facilities to establish the effectiveness of a vehicle’s braking system.

Vehicle Inspection Pits

Over the last ten years or so there has been a growing understanding that vehicle inspection pits have a lot to offer. It makes access to the underside of your vehicle a lot easier.

Emission Testers

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations for combustion engines are the main reason for the drive towards high-performance emission measurement tools.

Headlamp Testers

Headlamp aim is the most common failure item at annual test for both HGVs and PSVs. Ensure your headlamps meet the required standard by investing in a Totalkare headlamp tester.

Ancillary Equipment

To complement Totalkare’s portfolio of mobile column and fixed post lifts, we also offer a range of ancillary equipment to support the heavy duty lifts within a commercial workshop.

Rail Depot Equipment

Totalkare's rail depot equipment is used by rail manufacturers and operators in the manufacture, repair and maintenance of rail vehicles.


Cable-free Mobile Column Lift

The UK market leading T8DC cable-free mobile column lift is a versatile lifting solution, with each column capable of lifting up to 7,500kg.  Usable in configurations of 4, 6 or 8 columns, workshops across the UK benefit from a solution that can lift a wide variety of vehicles, from light commercial vans, buses and coaches, waste & recycling vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, heavy haulage vehicles and more.

40 years of column lifts from Totalkare

7,500kg SWL per column

Ideal for any commercial vehicle ranging from bus and coach through to waste and recycling vehicles.

The lifts can be configured in sets of four, six or eight, allowing for a maximum total lifting capacity of 60,000kg.

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Radio synchronisation

Wireless communication between columns means no interconnecting cables, eradicating health and safety concerns, as well as making manoeuvrability and storage simpler.

Once synchronised, the set can be operated from any column.

Adjustable forks

No need to purchase separate lifts or additional wheel adaptors for lifting vehicles with smaller wheels. Simply adjust the wheel forks easily by hand as and when required.

Only requires a single phase 230V power supply

Suitable for any workshop, without the need for additional electrical work or installations.

What our customers think

Chris Bowden

Group Quality & Compliance Manager, Orwell Truck & Van

Totalkare offered a fit for purpose solution…

Orwell Truck and Van

Totalkare was the only supplier offering a fit for purpose solution - not only do the G8AC lifts help immeasurably from a wash bay perspective, but on drier days they also boost the Norwich workshop’s capacity.

Martin Clipstone

Managing Director, GT Commercials

Savings were to be made with this investment…

GT Commercials

With the low monthly payments of Totalkare’s three-year lease hire, compared with our previous cost of outsourcing, it quickly became apparent that savings were to be made with this investment. With the value of this package and the reputation of Totalkare and its product, the decision was a no-brainer.

Jenni Adams

HR Coordinator, Dennis Eagle

Totalkare’s online training is informative, clear and simple to use…

Dennis Eagle 2

We’ve got a lot of Totalkare mobile column lifts in heavy use across our workshops. Totalkare’s online training is informative, clear and straightforward to use, and our investment in it underlines our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our employees.

Luke Kennedy

RLA Commercials

Impressed by the site visit from the Totalkare…

RLA Commericials

With fleets of vehicles that needed testing more frequently, upgrading our workshop with a mobile brake tester was a no brainer. It is more cost effective than a fixed unit for us, and will increase our productivity from the outset. We were impressed by the site visit from the Totalkare representative, who gave us clear information about the product and advised us on the best area for it to be situated.

Ian Seddon

Transport & Maintenance Manager, John Sutch Cranes

Simple operation via a tablet…

John Sutch Cranes

Totalkare was able to provide us with a durable and flexible solution that allows us to be proactive with the anticipated change of legislation and mobile crane testing. With simple operation via a tablet, step by step instructions, quick readings and clear printouts, incorporating in-house brake testing has been simple, straightforward, and a wholly worthwhile investment.