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Our Charity


Totalkare is proud to support The Transport Benevolent Fund as its charity partner for 2022.

The TBF supports workers from across the public transport industry, including transport providers, suppliers, regulators and others who work for businesses with significant operations in the public transport sector, no matter their role within a company. With a small weekly fee of £1.25 workers and their immediate families can benefit from a variety of healthcare, therapies, legal advice, cash grants and equipment in times of hardship. Where staff have contributed for long periods, they also gain free membership in retirement. There are also funds available to aid applicable non-members during exceptional circumstances such as accidents at work or Covid-19.

The aim of the TBF is to support those who need it so they can focus on physical and mental health, recovery and ultimately their return to the industry and they take steps to support families through difficult circumstances. Each person in a member’s family is treated as an individual to ensure every person gets the aid they need.

The non-profit organisation has been supporting members since 1923 and currently has a membership of over 75,000. There is no cap on the aid provided to any member and dependents are treated as individuals to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

Totalkare will be raising money for the TBF through various fundraising activities this year such as bake sales, social activities and sporting events both offsite and using the new office gym in Kingswinford.

Keep up to date on all fundraising activities on social media and on our website.

Click here to find out more about the TBF and the work they do.