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Inspection Pits

Over the last ten years or so there has been a growing understanding that vehicle inspection pits have a lot to offer. A vehicle inspection pit makes access to the underside of your vehicle easy, allowing you to work in a safe, well-lit environment with all your tools to hand. A great benefit of installing a pit in your workshop is that once its installed, it can last forever. A pit makes it possible to work underneath a vehicle at the same time as above the vehicle which can increase productivity in your workshop.

Vehicle Inspection Pits

pit jack 2

Air Operated Pit Jack

BM65 Pre-Fabricated Steel Pit with Roller Brake Tester and Wheel Play Detector

Compact Pit with Brake Test & Wheel Play Detection

Pit Jack Accessories

Hand Operated Pit Jack

radius plates

Radius Plates

Jacking Beam

Class 7 - Jacking Beam

Play Detectors

Rail Pits

Rail Inspection Pits

What is an

Inspection Pit?

Inspection pits are designed to provide easy access tot he undercarriage of your vehicles, allowing for safe and thorough inspections, repairs and maintenance. Our inspection pits are expertly engineered to ensure optimal functionality, durability and safety. Our vehicle inspection pits will enable you to work in a safe, well-lit enviroment – with the option to include air and oil management, pit jacks and brake testing equipment. Optional in-built storage also provides an opportunity to store your tools so they’re readily available when required, too.

An inspection pit has a lot to offer. They’re durable and make it possible for you to work underneath a vehicle simultaneously as others are above one, increasing productivity and efficiency. Want to know if a pit or lift is better for your workshop? Check out our blog.

How Deep is An

Inspection Pit?

Totalkare makes inspection pits bespoke to workshop requirements from six metres in length, with any depth required, suitable for class four, seven and heavy commercial vehicles and coaches. We also cover everything from the site survey through to the total installation of multi-pit facilities and underground workshops.

We can factor in any bespoke requirements. At Totalkare, our standard vehicle inspection pit has the depth of 1650mm (1.6 metres), although we can work to bespoke specifications when required. Our pits are prefabricated, meaning saving on installation time and minimising any disruption to workshop output.

Why Choose Totalkare for inspection pit?

We understand that different workshops have varying pit requirements. Customise your vehicle inspection pit with:

  • Bespoke pit length to suit requirements
  • Shaker plates
  • In-ground brake testers
  • Air supply
  • Oil management
  • Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Built-in tool storage
  • Access steps and ladders
  • Pit covers
  • Guard rails
  • Other pit accessories

Take a look at our interactive pit builder to determine what you require for your inspection pit.

Speak to the inspection pit experts

The Totalkare team works tirelessly to ensure your journey is as effortless as possible, from quote to installation and after sales support. We pride ourselves on unrivalled, dynamic customer service and dedicated support.

If you would like to request a free site survey, or want to speak to one of our team, get in touch.

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