Heavy Duty Induction Heater

With Totalkare's induction heater, you’re able to generate heat inside a vehicle component — at a rapid pace, and without the risks of using a flame. In most cases, induction heaters are used on individual components that have seized up due to age or wear and tear; the expansion of the part due to the heat causes it to loosen.



Induction heaters use a high-frequency alternating current (AC) passing through an electromagnet to create a rapidly oscillating magnetic field.  The magnetic field either heats the part directly or heats a ‘ferrite’ which then transfers the heat to the part to be heated.



  • Ideal for workshops or industries requiring high-end heat levels
  • Input Power 16 kW - IEC60309 electrical connection
  • 32 Amp
  • 400V/3P+T 50Hz
  • Working frequency 15-30 Khz
  • IP 21 Degree of protection
  • Hydraulic heat exchanger with fan
  • 20lt tank - Liquid cooling system (water & propylene glycol)
  • 130KG in weight
  • Adaptive inductance field reading (autotuning)
  • Electronic safety protection
  • Heating temperature level setting
  • User-friendly colour touch control panel - 5”
  • Long inductor cable 4.25m
  • Plug and Play with art


James Mulligan

Operations Director, Endurance Vehicle Solutions

Technical experts that are second to none…

Endurance vehicle solutions

We turned to Totalkare to help us with the lifting and brake testing side of things. The technical experts they have are second to none and guided us through the options until we arrived at the products that best suited our requirements for high-performance, durability and, importantly, flexibility.

Stephen Astill

Aftermarket Manager, RH Commercial Vehicles

A market leader in this field…

RH Commercial Vehicles

We chose Totalkare because they are the market leader in this field. Working closely with Totalkare, we came to a solution that has delivered more efficient results and reduced downtime. I believe we have chosen the right brand and product application for reliability and value for money.

Bert Pierlings

Managing Director, Baumot UK

Stress-free experience…


We were impressed with the speed and efficiency of the leasing process Totalkare could offer. The whole experience was stress free due to the expertise of Totalkare and their leasing partner. The quality of product, the competitive price, and the speed and ease in dealing with the company were major factors in our purchase decision.