Rail Inspection Pits

A rail inspection pit makes access to the underside of your railed vehicle easy, allowing you to work in a safe, well-lit environment with all your tools to hand.



A great benefit of installing a rail inspection pit in your workshop is that once its installed, it can last forever. A pit makes it possible to work underneath a railed vehicle at the same time as above the vehicle which can increase productivity in your workshop.

Although rail pits are usually built around a traditional basic format, they can also be tailored to suit the requirements of individual railway workshops. Designs can also include an endless range of combinations, for example, tunnels; recesses and underground workshops.



  • Unique bond of steel to concrete
  • High quality safety lights provide superior lighting
  • The fully welded construction stops the ingress of water
  • Installed by experienced engineers
  • No height restrictions – headroom not required
  • Greater workshop efficiency leading to greater throughput and profitability


Charles Lilley

Workshop Manager, Department of Infrastructure

We’ve used Totalkare for the last 20 years…

Department of infastructure

Having used Totalkare for the last 20 years, we were confident they would find us an ideal replacement to our old wash bay set up. The galvanised four post provides us with a much safer and more durable solution, and we are very pleased with this latest addition to our depot.

James Mulligan

Operations Director, Endurance Vehicle Solutions

Technical experts that are second to none…

Endurance vehicle solutions

We turned to Totalkare to help us with the lifting and brake testing side of things. The technical experts they have are second to none and guided us through the options until we arrived at the products that best suited our requirements for high-performance, durability and, importantly, flexibility.