T8DC: Cable-free Mobile Column Lift

The T8DC cable-free mobile column lift is a versatile lifting solution, with each column capable of lifting up to 7,500kg.  Usable in configurations of 4, 6 or 8 columns, workshops across the UK benefit from a solution that can lift a wide variety of vehicles, from light commercial vans, buses and coaches, waste & recycling vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, heavy haulage vehicles and more. 40 years of column lifts from Totalkare



The Totalkare T8DC cable-free mobile column lift makes lifting operations simple!

With no interconnecting cables, the hydraulic T8DC is designed to be easily manoeuvred around the workshop and is an ideal lift for commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, skiploaders, waste & recycling vehicles and everything in between.

The T8DC is charged from a 230V wall socket, has a capacity of 7,500kg per column, adjustable forks for lifting vehicles with smaller wheels and can be connected in up to eight column configurations to suit a variety of requirements.



  • Inverted Hydraulic Cylinder lifting system
  • 7,500kg lifting capacity per column
  • No interconnecting cables - avoiding health and safety issues with slips, trips and falls
  • Radio synchronisation and communication between columns
  • Available in four, six or eight column configuration
  • Only requires a single phase 230v power supply for charging
  • Large number of lifting cycles between charges
  • Adjustable wheel forks for different wheel sizes; 700mm – 1400mm diameter


Cable-free Mobile Column Lift

Our market-leading cable-free mobile column lift has a range of convenient features which make it a truly versatile and flexible lifting solution for any commercial workshop.

7,500kg lifting capacity

Ideal for any commercial vehicle ranging from bus and coach through to waste and recycling vehicles.

The lifts can be configured in sets of four, six or eight, allowing for a maximum total lifting capacity of 60,000kg.

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Radio synchronisation

Wireless communication between columns means no interconnecting cables, eradicating health and safety concerns, as well as making manoeuvrability and storage simpler.

Once synchronised, the set can be operated from any column.

Only requires a single phase 230V power supply

Suitable for any workshop, without the need for additional electrical work or installations.

Adjustable forks

No need to purchase separate lifts or additional wheel adaptors for lifting vehicles with smaller wheels. Simply adjust the wheel forks easily by hand as and when required.


Thomas Gosney

Service Coordinator, Rosenbauer

Impressed with the T8DC Mobile Column Lifts…


We were especially impressed with the T8DC mobile column lifts because of the ability to set a height limit, which was important due to height limitations in our workshop.

Simon Thomson

Production Manager, Gardner Denver

The lifts are cable free…

Gardner Denver

The T8DC’s adjustable wheel forks and improved lifting speeds were big positives for us, as were the fact the lifts are cable-free.  These features will help us streamline our production processes and improve workshop safety at the same time.

John Vickery

MD, PCL Group

Fast lift speeds…

PCL Group

By installing these new vehicle lifts from Totalkare, we have ensured that we can continue delivering unparalleled customer service to our clients, whilst also offering them shorter turnarounds due to the faster lift speeds and the reduction in manual labour.

Lee Dyke

Heavy Haul Chelmsford Limited

Decided on the cable-free option due their manoeuvrability…

Heavy Haul Chelmsford

We decided on the cable free option due their manoeuvrability around the various bays in our workshop and the lack of cables prevents any trip hazards for our workers and any extra expense due to the potential damage to the cables.