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Summer’s Over — But Air Con Is Still Important

After the record temperatures of the heatwave this year, we can all appreciate a bit of vehicle air conditioning. With a typical UK winter on the way, most of us aren’t expecting to need it again any time soon.

But that doesn’t mean you should shut it off completely.

If you’re looking forward to the same AC next summer, you’ll want your vehicle’s air con systems in top condition and ready to go.

Here’s why your fleet needs to keep the AC active — even in the coldest months of the year.


You’ll keep your air con systems healthy

While it might be controlled and powered by electronics, your vehicle’s AC is a physical system at heart.

It’s about refrigerants and oils and the flow of liquids: the physical movement of fluids and gases that are essential to the proper functioning of any air conditioning system.

And just like any other physical system — whether it’s gears and axles or indoor plumbing — it’s usually not a good idea to leave it stagnant and neglected for long periods of time.

After just a few weeks without being used, a vehicle AC system can start to seize up. The fluids can start to dry out or congeal, and the rubber seals can lose their lubrication, leading to leaks in the system from the seals and the pipes.

But when you use your air con through the winter months as well (even if it’s only once a week), you’re helping to keep your AC system in top condition.

With your AC in action all year long — as well as regular servicing with our automatic Air Conditioning Service Units — you’ll be able to keep things flowing and make sure nothing stagnates.

And that could mean avoiding a hefty repair bill when summer rolls around again.


Running the AC reduces bacteria and mould

A vehicle’s air con system is all about the movement of refrigerant. But it’s also about the movement of air — taking warm air in, and blowing cool air out.

And that everyday air that’s passing through? It’s full of dust and pollen.

When that dust and pollen gets the chance to settle down (either inside the system, or on the AC filters), it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

After a few weeks of sitting in one place, that dust and pollen can start to fester, creating an unsanitary situation (and a nasty smell in your vehicle, too).

So if you want to keep your vehicles fresh and pleasant for your drivers all year long — and safe for people with allergies and asthma — you’ll need to give your air conditioning a quick blast every week or so, even in the winter months.

And if you really want to stay on top of things and keep your AC squeaky clean?

You can flush out the interior system with our ozone-generating A/C Professional Interior Clean-Up — or our Air Conditioner Disinfection unit.


Air con removes moisture and humidity

We all know that air conditioning cools the air in the car. But it also acts as a dehumidifier, reducing the moisture that’s suspended in the air inside the vehicle.

And in the winter months when the windscreen gets foggy, this reduction in humidity means less condensation on the inside of the windscreen — giving your drivers greater visibility of the road ahead.

That’s great for creating a safer journey. But this dehumidifying effect also creates a safer atmosphere inside the vehicle itself:

By reducing the moisture in the atmosphere of the cabin (as well as on every surface inside), you’re reducing the chance for bacteria and mould to grow. When moisture builds up on the windscreen, the dashboard, or any nook and cranny in the cabin, it’s the perfect breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms.

Without that excess moisture, you’re dramatically limiting the growth of mould and bacteria — helping to keep your vehicles clean, safe, and in complete working condition all year long.


Want to keep your AC in top shape all year?

Vehicle air con is a sensitive system. And if you’re neglecting it in the winter, you could be racking up costs that you won’t see until next summer.

Between the repairs on stagnant AC systems and the effects of unsanitary cabins, you need to give your air conditioning systems the attention they deserve — all year long, and whatever the weather.

And the easiest way to stay on top of your fleet’s AC is with a dedicated Air Conditioning Service Unit – a user-friendly and mobile piece of kit that keeps your AC systems in top condition with a fully automatic service.

Check out our full range of Air Conditioning equipment in our online store — or chat to one of our Totalkare experts to find out exactly what your workshop needs.