Plant and Machinery Specialist Heavy Haul Ltd invests in first set of column lifts

An Essex-based heavy haulage specialist has invested in its first set of column lifts from TotalKare to assist with maintenance and repairs in its workshop.

Beginning in the early 1970s Heavy Haul Chelmsford Ltd begun with one low loader moving plant and has progressed to become a well-respected plant and machinery transport specialist. Specialising in plant and machinery transport ranging from a one tonne mini digger to an 80-tonne piling rig Heavy Haul maintain over 70 vehicles in their busy workshop.

Now utilising five bays one of which has a pit installed, Heavy Haul wanted to be able to maximise their efficiency by carrying out more maintenance jobs. A previous bus company who used to share Heavy Hauls workshop used to use a set of TotalKare lifts for their maintenance work and Heavy Haul were always impressed with the quality and the reliability of not only the lifts but the aftercare service provided by Totalkare.

Heavy Haul invested in a set of six T8DC Cable Free lifts as well as signing up to TotalKare’s service coverage, Lee Dyke, said “We decided on the cable free option due their manoeuvrability around the various bays in our workshop and the lack of cables prevents any trip hazards for our workers and any extra expense due to the potential damage to the cables.”

Due to Heavy Haul having numerous tri-axle vehicles it was recommended they purchased a set of six column lifts. Sets of six column lifts distribute the load of vehicles when lifted evenly as when a tri-axle vehicle is lifted by the front and rear axles, the middle axle is left unsupported. By utilising six columns rather than four Heavy Haul will protects their vehicles and their mobile column lifts from damage from the unsupported axle. In the long term, lifting with sets of six lifts can save the expense of costly repair bills and unnecessary health and safety risks.