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Is it time to part exchange your old mobile column lifts?

Part exchange your old mobile column lifts

We’ve been in the mobile column lift game for a long time. (41 years, if you’re counting!)

We’re proud of our exceptional quality and the robust safety features we put into every lift we build. But we’ve seen first-hand just how far and fast the technology has progressed in that time.

Our latest mobile column lifts (like the T8DC and T8AC) are built on that progression – taking those same robust features and high-quality builds, and improving on them in almost every way.

And if you’re currently running a workshop with our RG, MVL, SVL or Series IV lifts, you could save some serious money by upgrading through our part exchange scheme.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How old is too old?

We released our first mobile column lift back in 1980 with the RG series. It was an innovative design that helped thousands of workshops and fleet operators to lift safely and efficient for years on end – and it helped us to cement our place as leaders in the mobile column lift space.

In fact, it was so robust that it’s still going strong in some workshops today – some 40 years later!

Since then, we’ve made huge steps forward with our tech – from the MVL Series in 1990 to the SVL and Series IV models that you might still be using right now.

With so many of our older lift models still performing safely and efficiently in workshops today, we’re not here to tell you that your lifts are obsolete or defunct.

But we can tell you this:

If your lifts are older than half of your workforce, you’re probably long overdue a welcome upgrade, and a part exchange could be the answer.

Are your old column lifts safe?


With the right training, proper use, and the recommended maintenance and repairs, your older mobile column lifts are safe to use and keep on using. We’ve always built them to last – and that’s exactly how we’ll keep on building them.

Now here’s the whole truth:

The old lifts are safe. But the newer lifts are even safer.

We’ve come a long way in 40 years – perfecting and refining our designs as we incorporate the latest new developments in safety and performance technology.

Here’s what that means for you and your workshop:

Why would you need an upgrade?

If you’re still happily using one of our older models (like our Series IV, or any of the SVL series), you might be wondering what you’re missing out on.

Those older models are packed with safety and convenience features – such as emergency stops and fitted hydraulic jacks.

But with our newest mobile column lifts (the T8DC and T8AC), you can get so much more by part exchange.

With the latest series of Totalkare mobile column lifts, you’ll get a lift with:

  • Cable-free operation (with the T8DC) – with wireless communication between the columns, without the safety concerns of cables on the ground
  • Electronic shutdown – for automatic stops if an obstruction is detected
  • A longer lifespan – with an inverted hydraulic cylinder that protects the piston rod from debris and damage
  • And adjustable forks – for lifting vehicles with different wheels, without the need for extra adaptors.

And the best part?

Trading in your older lifts through a part exchange means you’re saving money – you’re getting more bang for your buck when you upgrade to our latest and safest new models.

Which mobile column lifts can be part-exchanged?

We’re currently running a part exchange programme for any customer that’s looking to upgrade to our newest models of mobile column lift (the T8DC and T8AC).

We can offer a part-exchange if you’re ready to trade in any of these mobile column lift:

  • Series IV (2002-2004)
  • SVL 2002
  • SVL 2000
  • MVL 1990
  • RG 1980

Ready for the best deals on the best new tech?

Getting your hands on the latest and greatest gear doesn’t have to be costly. And smart workshops know they need to make every inch of their budget count.

So if you’re looking for an upgrade to your RG, MVL, SVL or Series IV lifts, don’t let them go to waste:

Get in touch with one of our experts to talk about our part-exchange offer – and we’ll tell you exactly how much money you could save.