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How Can Mobile Workshop Equipment Unlock Your Potential?

When you’re working with vehicles, space is at a premium.

And unless you’re running a workshop in an expansive warehouse premises, you need to squeeze the most value out of every precious square metre you have.

So how can you make sure that every inch of your workshop is being put to good use on a daily basis?

With the kind of equipment that’s flexible, mobile, and adaptable to different spaces and different levels of demand.

Here’s how mobile equipment can help to give you higher capacity, greater productivity, and the versatility you need to match a wider range of jobs and contracts:


Easy storage gives you more capacity

We’re all used to the flexibility of the smaller items in our workshops. We roll out our Support Stands and Trolley Jacks exactly when we need them, and wheel them safely back into storage when we’re finished.

But the biggest gains in saving space come from the biggest items – and that’s a huge part of why our Mobile Column Lifts are so popular.

A fixed-installation lift is great when you’ve got the space for it. But that’s a vehicle-sized chunk of your workshop that’s always occupied. And when that lift isn’t in use, it’s an unnecessary limit on your overall capacity.

Because our Mobile Column Lifts are based around sets of individual columns (rather than a fixed platform), you can store them close together in a smaller area, taking up just a fraction of the space they need when they’re being used on a vehicle.

And the result?

When you don’t need to lift, you’ve gained an extra working space the size of an entire vehicle – which could mean fitting in two or three more staff working on smaller, individual jobs.


Mobile equipment creates flexibility

The best workshops are the ones that are adaptable – ready and able to change the way they work to match the needs of the business and the demand of their clients.

You might start a new contract to test only the brakes on a huge fleet of vehicles, with no other work required.

A few weeks later, you might start a contract that needs daily emissions testing, with no brake checking on the agenda.

If you’ve set up your workshop around fixed installations, you’ll be working through each of those contracts with only a portion of your workshop being put to use – with a smaller capacity, and a lower productivity.

But with the right mobile equipment in place (like our Mobile Brake Tester and mobile Petrol and Diesel Emissions Analyser), you can reorganise your workshop layout on the fly to switch seamlessly between the two contracts.

You’ll be a dedicated brake testing workshop one week, and a dedicated emissions-analysing workshop the next. You can work at full capacity and full productivity for each job, and still have the flexibility you need to return things to normal as your contracts change in the future.


An outdoor space becomes your new extension

When demand is high and space is tight, every suitable area becomes a potential workspace.

And if your workshop has access to an outdoor space, you could be missing out on some easy extra capacity.

Lots of workshops come with some kind of outdoor area: like a car park, a loading bay, or a courtyard. With the right mobile equipment, you can transform that outdoor space into a new place to work, giving your overall capacity and productivity a free boost.

Our own Mobile Brake Tester, for example, can be used on asphalt or concrete – and it can even be placed on uneven gravel, sand or dirt.

And our G8AC Mobile Column Lift (which was specifically designed for use in a wash bay) is perfect for outdoor use – especially in wet and cold conditions.


You can bring your work directly to your clients

We’ve even seen some of our clients get fully kitted out with mobile equipment and go into business as a mobile workshop – breaking free from the limits of a dedicated premises, and taking their services onto the premises of the clients they serve.

While it’s not currently the most popular business model we see, there is a huge and growing demand for mobile equipment. And as our mobile technology continues to improve and cover more workshop functions and tasks, these new mobile workshops could start to become more common in the future.

So just how mobile can a mobile workshop get? Here’s the full list of our mobile-ready workshop equipment:


Ready to go mobile?

Using more mobile equipment isn’t just about saving space. It’s about creating more capacity, higher productivity, and greater flexibility in your workshop.

So if you’re looking to upgrade or replace some of your kit, now’s the perfect time to start looking at your mobile options – check out our new online shop for the latest products, or send us a message to find out more.