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Mobile brake tester a game changer for Telescopic Haulage

Telescopic Haulage chooses Totalkare mobile brake tester

A Cambridgeshire heavy haulage & recovery specialist is set to save time and money while opening up a possible new revenue stream following an investment in brake testing equipment from Totalkare.

Huntingdon-based Telescopic Haulage, which operates a 24 hour breakdown and recovery service alongside a variety of haulage contracts across the UK and further afield, had previously been outsourcing its brake testing to a local test centre and was encountering difficulties securing appointments.

Now, thanks to the introduction of a DVSA-approved mobile brake tester from lifting and testing experts Totalkare, they can look forward incremental cost savings and an immediate reduction in time lost to the commute to and from the test centre and the test itself.

accurate testing of all axles

The Totalkare mobile brake tester has been supplied to Telescopic Haulage with extended on ramps for accurate testing of all axles and comes with a computer, monitor, printer, cabinet and handheld tablet which communicates wirelessly with the brake tester to enable tests to be conducted with ease from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

The hot galvanised brake tester itself is easily manoeuvred and can even be deployed on uneven ground, making it a versatile solution which can be used indoors and outdoors testing up to 16,000kg per axle. It will be supported by a Totalkare service contract that includes two field service engineer visits per year for routine maintenance and calibration.


“Totalkare had previously been recommended to us for their lifting and testing equipment, and we felt confident in choosing them for the supply of the mobile brake tester after seeing some of their previous installations” said Paul Dutton, Director at Telescopic Haulage, “We’re now exploring the idea of testing third party vehicles to create an additional revenue stream when the brake tester is not testing our own fleet.”

“Telescopic Haulage’s decision to introduce a mobile brake tester really highlights the versatility of this equipment,” said Adam Bowser, Area Sales Manager for Totalkare, “They’ve financed the purchase via a third party, which Totalkare was happy to work with, and the result is an in-house facility that will save them considerable time and money.”

For a comprehensive look at the mobile brake tester on location at Telescopic Haulage and interview with Totalkare CEO David Hall, see the April issue of HeavyTorque magazine.

Photography by Mark Ballantyne @ ProTruck