How to Improve workshop safety with online mobile column lift training

A busy workshop can be a dangerous place if equipment is not operated safely in accordance with manufacturer instructions.  Whilst we build a number of failsafe measures into our mobile column lifts and ancillary products as standard, it is vital operatives are properly trained to mitigate the risk of personal injury to themselves or others working nearby.  Leading the way in workshop safety, at Totalkare we have created the gold standard in mobile column lift training.

Why do I need it?

In line with health and safety guidelines, only trained persons should be permitted to operate and use mobile column lifts. The Totalkare online mobile column lift training provides operatives with the key learning and understanding required to carry out their responsibilities safely and efficiently. The training features video tutorials, walk-through instructional guides and multiple-choice test questions across several different learning modules.

How do I access it?

The training is available via a bespoke online platform, which features a range of key learning elements. The training course enables Totalkare customers to manage their employees’ training in-house and chart delegate progress, making it easy to track accreditation and compliance.

The online training can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

What does the course entail?

The online training course takes individuals through two core modules (Rules and Regulations and Safe Use of Ancillary Equipment) before further modules specific to the model of mobile column lift in use in their workshop. The course takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete, with each section featuring a video followed by a series of questions to answer. A nominated ‘Admin’ from the company will submit learners’ details to the system and will then have access to real-time data on how the individuals are progressing.


Once the training course has been completed, each delegate will be awarded with a certification, which is CPD approved and lasts for three years, at which point the training should be retaken. The Totalkare online training portal enables managers to easily track the progress of their staff through the training and will even send reminders automatically when individuals are approaching the need for reassessment.

Some of the elements covered within the online training are listed below:

  • Legislation – PUWER & LOLER
  • Pre-use safety checks
  • Positioning lifts
  • Layout identification
  • Lift controls
  • Lighting
  • Floor stability
  • Floor obstructions
  • Floor gradient
  • Vehicle weight
  • Number of axles being lifted
  • Height clearance
  • Isolating power
  • Ancillary equipment

To find out why more and more workshop managers are offering their staff online mobile column lift training, and in many instances building it into their new starter induction processes, download the brochure, call 0121 585 2724 or e-mail sales@totalkare.co.uk.