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Mobile Column Lift Training

A busy workshop can be a dangerous place if equipment is not operated safely in accordance with  manufacturer instructions.  While Totalkare builds a number of failsafe measures into its mobile column lifts and ancillary products as standard, it is vital operatives are properly trained to mitigate the risk of  personal injury to themselves or others working nearby.  Leading the way in workshop safety, Totalkare has created the gold standard in mobile column lift training.

Key learning and understanding

In line with health and safety guidelines, only trained person should be permitted to operate and use mobile vehicle lifts.  Totalkare’s online mobile column lift training provides operatives with the key learning and understanding for them carry out their responsibilities safely and efficiently.

The training features video tutorials, walk-through instructional guides and multiple-choice test questions across several different learning modules.

In-house management and reporting

For those responsible for the learning and development of staff within their organisations, Totalkare’s bespoke training platform enables in-house management and reporting of delegate progress through the training, providing at-a-glance overviews of workforce competence.

Totalkare’s online mobile column lift training covers the following elements:

  • Legislation
  • Pre-use safety checks
  • Positioning lifts
  • Layout identification
  • Lift controls
  • Lighting
  • Floor stability
  • Floor obstructions
  • Floor gradient
  • Vehicle weight
  • Number of axles being lifted
  • Height clearance
  • Isolating power
  • Ancillary equipment

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