How to Lift a Trailer with a Mobile Column Lift

Totalkare trailer beam

When you’re lifting heavy vehicles, trailers can be tricky.

Without a front set of wheels, there’s nothing to attach to your vehicle lift — and no way to balance the front and back ends of the trailer.

But with the right accessories, you can turn the lift you already have into a safe and reliable piece of trailer lifting equipment.

We’re talking about Trailer Beams. And when they’re fitted to a set of mobile column lifts, you get a fully functional portable trailer lift — without having to buy a specialised lift.

Here’s how to lift a trailer using our Mobile Column Lifts with a Trailer Beam:


How does a Trailer Beam work?

A trailer beam is designed to bridge the gap between a mobile column lift and the underside of a trailer.

Just like our Forklifter System, it’s a special attachment that fits onto the lifting points of a column lift. (The place where a vehicle’s wheels would normally be attached.)

The top of the trailer beam attaches securely to the 5th-wheel kingpin and rubbing plate.

So when the columns are raised, the trailer beam is raised with them — allowing you to use a column lift to lift a trailer without any front wheels to attach it to.

And the result?

With a single accessory, you’ve transformed a standard mobile column lift into a secure and reliable hydraulic trailer lift.


What about the back wheels of the trailer?

The back wheels of the trailer attach to their own pair of columns, just like you would if you were lifting a normal vehicle.

Because our mobile column lifts can be operated independently, you can first use the front pair of column lifts on their own to raise the trailer beam to the correct height.

Once the trailer beam is in position and attached to the rubbing plate, you can then activate all four column lifts together — and raise the entire trailer in a balanced and stable position.


How much can a trailer beam lift?

Just like the individual columns in our lifts, our Totalkare Trailer Beam is rated for a safe working capacity of 7,500kg.

That means it’s a perfect match for the lifts it was designed for — and it can handle just about any commercial vehicle trailer you’re likely to see in a workshop.

And just like our mobile column lifts, the trailer beam is mobile, too. It’s built with its own integrated castor wheels — so it’s just as portable as the lifting equipment it’s made for.


Want to get more from your mobile column lift?

If you’re running a workshop that needs to start lifting trailers, you don’t need to invest in a whole new specialised lift.

With a simple accessory that attaches to your existing lift, you can save money (and space!) by getting more value out of the lifts you have.

Check out our purpose-built Totalkare Trailer Beams here — or see our full range of accessories and adaptors in our online shop.