Gardner Denver upgrades to latest Totalkare mobile column lifts

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Gardner Denver, the leading global provider of industrial compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps, is on track for improved workshop efficiencies after upgrading to the latest mobile column lift technology from Totalkare.

The manufacturing specialist’s Bradford premises, which primarily produces compressors, blowers, vacuums and rotary vanes for Gardner Denver’s Transport Solutions division, has replaced two existing sets of Totalkare column lifts with two cable-free T8DC mobile column lifts.

The upgrade enables the workshop to service its fleet of vehicles while enjoying faster lifting speeds, removing the potential slip, trip & fall hazards posed by cabled lifts and having the flexibility to use the T8DC lifts anywhere in the workshop.

Lifting up to 7,500kg per column, Totalkare’s cable free T8DC mobile column lift can be configured in sets of 4, 6 or 8 to lift a wide range of vehicles, from light commercial vans to heavy duty four-axle vehicles.  Its adjustable forks can accommodate a range of wheel diameters, making it a truly versatile lifting solution for workshops.

“We’ve been using Totalkare mobile column lifts in our Bradford workshop for at least a decade and have always been happy with them,” said Simon Thomson, Production Manager at Gardner Denver, “The T8DC’s adjustable wheel forks and improved lifting speeds were big positives for us, as were the fact the lifts are cable-free.  These features will help us streamline our production processes and improve workshop safety at the same time.”

Jack Longstaff, Area Sales Manager for Totalkare, said “We’ve been supporting Gardner Denver for many years and it’s great to see Simon’s team embrace the many advantages of our latest mobile column lift technology, which we will be supporting through our comprehensive AfterKare service plan.”