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Why we love ancillary products (and you should too!)

ancillary products

Ancillary products are vital elements of a well-equipped workshop.  In the same way that vehicle lifting equipment isn’t much use without the tools to carry out the maintenance work itself, the addition of ancillary products can expand and enhance what tasks are able to be undertaken in the workshop.

Here at TotalKare, we specialise in high quality heavy duty vehicle lifting solutions, but we are equally as proud of our ancillary products range which enables our clients to do more with their mobile column lifts.

Support stands

Mobile column lifts offer fantastic flexibility in the workshop, but one limitation is the ability to provide wheel-free access. Support stands enable users to have wheel free access, so maintenance such as replacing brake pads or wheel bearings can be done with ease at a comfortable height to improve health and safety aspects within a workshop. Support stands also keep vehicles lifted in the air whilst freeing up the use of mobile column lifts for use on another vehicle and thus doubling a workshops heavy duty lifting capacity or can be positioned in a corner freeing up space within smaller workshops.

Trailer beams

By utilising a trailer beam with vehicle lifts it can give you the ability to bring your trailer maintenance in-house and save expense on using a third party. For trailers to stay in good condition they must be checked and undergo maintenance at regular intervals. By using a trailer beam this allows a full 360° inspection to ensure there is no damage to the bodywork of the trailer and that there are no bends or cracks in the chassis, for instance.

Access steps

Maintenance times within the workshop can also be reduced by utilising a set of access steps to allow workers to carry out maintenance work both on the sides of vehicles and underneath. Access steps are easily manoeuvrable around the workshop, providing supported, clear access at a safe working height.

Small wheel adaptors

To maximise workshop capabilities further, using small wheel adaptors on column lifts will enable maintenance to be carried out on a wider selection of vehicles. The adaptors allow for smaller diameter tyres between 17” to 19” to be lifted on the columns. If wheel free access is needed then light vehicle adaptors can be used instead which lift vehicles by the chassis rather than the wheels.

Transmission jack

The use of a transmission jack is key piece of workshop equipment in workshops that carry out work involving installing a new transmission or removing one from a vehicle. The limited space around a transmission can make the repairs and maintenance a person’s worst nightmare. In addition, there is the unsettling fact that the object you intend to remove weighs somewhere in the region of 90 kilograms as it dangles precariously above workers heads. The use of a transmission jack allows 360° access to vehicles gearboxes and engines allowing the job to be done with ease in a more open, and often better lit environment.