Why Every Fleet with LCVs Needs an In-House Tyre Changer

tyre changer HP643SD.26

We’ve talked before about the benefits of in-house testing equipment — and how owning your own kit can be a game-changer for workshops and fleet operators.

And that’s just as true for tyre changing as it is for testing equipment.

It may not be an everyday job. But for any fleet or workshop that’s serious about savings, investing in your own tyre-changing equipment is one of the smartest long-term decisions you can make.

Here’s what you need to know:


You’ll save money in the long run

Like any other piece of workshop equipment, there’s an upfront investment that comes with buying your own kit.

But in most cases, that initial cost pales in comparison to a lifetime of shelling out for third-party services. And the more regular and frequent your maintenance is, the more money you’ll save with your own in-house equipment.

So if you’re running a busy fleet with vehicles out on the road every day?

You’ll start to see those savings sooner than you think.

Most LCV tyres come with a decent lifespan, and that means a tyre change on any one vehicle won’t be that frequent. But when that low frequency gets spread across a large fleet with a high number of vehicles, it could easily become a weekly occurrence — and that means a hefty weekly payout to the company you outsource to.

Instead, smart fleet operators are playing the long game. They’re investing early in their own in-house tyre changers to avoid the costs of third-party services — and it doesn’t take long before the equipment pays for itself.


You can work to your own schedule

When you outsource your tyre changing, you’re competing with other fleets for every appointment you make. Even the most responsive third-party services can sometimes struggle to meet demand — and when they do, it’s your business that suffers.

But with your own in-house equipment (like our Totalkare Light Commercial Tyre Changer), you can get instant access to the maintenance you need, as and when your fleet demands it.

You don’t have to waste time on the road travelling to and from a third-party provider, or waiting for one of their engineers to be available and arrive at your own site.

As soon as you identify a problem with a vehicle, you’ll already have your own tyre changer ready and waiting — so you can fix the issue and get your vehicle ready for the road.

It’s no longer a case of waiting hours or days or weeks. It’s a matter of minutes. And that’s a huge saving in lost time, as well as a massive boost to the productivity of each vehicle you own.


You can scale up with your fleet

Most fleets are aiming to grow in the long term — with more vehicles, more journeys, and more customers on the horizon.

But what happens when you’re outsourcing your tyre changing and your fleet doubles in size?

The costs double with it.

We’re not just talking about the financial costs of the third-party tyre changing service. We’re talking about every other cost that comes along with it — the delays, the loss of revenue, and the downtime of your vehicles and your staff.

But with a one-time upfront investment in your own in-house tyre changers, you can keep on growing your fleet and your business, and the costs won’t scale at the same rate.

As your fleet keeps growing, your in-house tyre changers simply work harder and see more use. You’re squeezing even more value out of the initial investment you’ve made — only adding more equipment as you reach specific thresholds in the size of your fleet.

So when you double your fleet, you won’t have double the costs. In fact, every new vehicle you add to your business means an improvement in the ROI of the tyre-changing equipment that you buy.


Ready to cut out the middleman?

Whether you’re a smaller workshop or a nationwide fleet, bringing your equipment in house is one of the wisest decisions your business can make.

And for an essential job like changing tyres, it makes even more sense to rely on your own teams and your own bits of kit.

So if you’re looking to see some serious long-term savings in your maintenance, take a deeper look at our Totalkare Light Commercial Tyre Changer — or talk to one of our experts to see exactly what it can do.