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Vehicle Lifts – Fixed v Mobile

There are wide variety of vehicle lifts around, which can be a bit of a minefield when choosing the best solution for your workshop. It can be tempting to go for what you are used to, but many vehicle lifts come with different features and benefits, which may be more or less suitable depending on the individual requirement.

Most vehicle lifts can be broken down into two camps – fixed or mobile.

So lets delve a little deeper and compare the two.


The differences

  1. Manoeuvrability

If the space within your workshop is restricted, or the lifting area you work within can change, you would be best with mobile column lifts as they as very easily wheeled around the workshop. This means you can set up a space for lifting wherever required, and also store the lifts to the side when not in use, freeing up space for other activities.

If you’d like a fixed position for lifting, and manoeuvrability is not required, a fixed lift may be your solution.


  1. Safe working load

You should consider the lifting capacity required by the types of vehicle you are working with. Totalkare mobile column lifts provide a lifting capacity of 7,500kg per column. As they can be configured in sets of four, six or eight, the total lifting capacity ranges from 30,000kg to 60,000kg.

On the other hand, Totalkare fixed lifts come in various forms, with lifting capacities ranging from 5,500kg, up to 35,000kg.


  1. Heavy duty or light commercial

As mentioned above, our mobile column lifts can safely support vehicles up to 60,000kg in weight. These are designed with heavy duty vehicles in mind and  therefore would probably not be the best choice for someone solely working with cars or much lighter weight vehicles. However, with their adjustable wheel forks built in, the Totalkare T8 and G8 mobile column lifts can accommodate a variety of wheel sizes. Because of this, if you are working with a mixture of vehicles including lightweight commercial and heavy duty, these could be the perfect solution for you!

If you are working with light commercial vehicles only, there are a couple of fixed lift options that can accommodate. For example the Totalkare Two Post lift, or Light Commercial Four Post Lift. These will likely be a better option for you than mobile column lifts.


The similarities

  1. Safety and efficiency

With the latest technology, and simple to operate systems, both options provide a safe and efficient lifting solution for a range of vehicles. Safety features are built in to all our lifts, providing peace of mind for you and your operatives.


  1. Outdoor or wash bay options

Both come in fully galvanised varieties designed specifically for outdoor or wash bay use. These models provide full protection from water ingress, ensuring many years of trouble-free use.


  1. Expert aftercare

With expert and knowledgeable Totalkare engineers based around the nation, whatever product you choose you have the option to take out one of our comprehensive service packages. These ensure your lifts are kept in safe working order to reduce any potential downtime to your business.



If you’d like more information, contact us or check out our range of mobile column lifts here, or our fixed lifts here.

Don’t forget, at Totalkare we supply a range of both lifting and testing solutions for heavy duty workshops. Check out the full product range here.