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Mobile vehicle lift training crucial to safe working practice

mobile vehicle lift training

It almost goes without saying that a person should be competent in the operation of any machinery before using it.  Getting behind the wheel of a car having not received a single driving lesson, for example, is almost certainly not going to end well. This is where mobile vehicle lift training comes in handy

In any organisation, the importance of having people competent in the disciplines relevant to their job roles is paramount to business success, and this is even more crucial in hazardous working areas such as vehicle workshops.  While advancements in technology and automation have enabled us to work safer over the years, the ‘human factor’ means that however safe your system of work, an element of risk will always remain.

Workshops are dangerous areas.  Moving machinery, trip hazards, heat and air quality are just some of the potential risks workshop managers must seek to mitigate.

Has the individual received the proper training?

This is where training comes in.  According to the HSE, ‘on the job’ training should be structured and linked to risk assessment and associated control measures including procedures and there should be refresher training for infrequent, complex or safety critical tasks, and this may include appropriate reassessment.

In the unfortunate event of an incident, one of the first questions asked is “Has the individual(s) involved received the proper training?”, so it’s important employers keep clear and up to date records of all training their staff have received, and when reassessment is required to ensure they remain ‘in date’.

Mobile vehicle lift training

Take heavy duty mobile vehicle lifts as an example.  Safety features are built into these to minimise the risk of accidents occurring in the event of a fault, but if the engineer does not respect the fact they are lifting a vehicle weighing perhaps 30,000kg or know how to operate the lifts correctly, then the risks undoubtedly increase.

TotalKare’s mobile column lift training has been expertly designed to provide key learning, not just in the safe operation of mobile column lifts, but in the correct use of supporting workshop equipment and backs up both with clear, easy-to-follow tuition on the relevant aspects of PUWER and LOLER.

Delivered online through video tutorials and straightforward instructional guides, it can be accessed on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop wherever you have 4G or a wi-fi connection.  Better yet, because it’s online, it’s far less disruptive than several operatives downing tools at the same time to be trained in a group situation.

CPD approved certification

Certification is CPD approved and lasts for three years, at which point the training should be undertaken.

TotalKare’s online training portal enables managers to easily track the progress of their staff through the training, and will even send reminders automatically when individuals are approaching the need for reassessment.

Further information

To find out why more and more workshop managers are offering their staff mobile column lift training, and in many instances building it into their new starter induction processes, download the brochure, call 0121 585 2724 or e-mail sales@totalkare.co.uk.