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Pre-owned Vans Are Rising in Value — Here’s How Businesses Can Make the Most of It

price of used vans

Back in November 2022 (when the most recent figures were released), the price of used vans rose by £240 in a single month to reach an average of £9,914.

That’s an 11% increase compared to the previous year — a significant rise, by anyone’s standards.

So what exactly is causing these high prices?

A huge part of that comes down to the Euro 6 Standards, and the expanded Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) that’s expected to hit drivers in August 2023.

With tighter regulations on the emissions of vehicles travelling through cities — and the heavy daily charge that comes with it — companies and tradespeople have been clamouring to upgrade their vans to meet the new regulations and avoid the extra costs.

But that’s just one side of the story:

We’ve also been hit with a 22% reduction in the supply of new vans — a lingering effect from the production challenges that came with the global shortage of semiconductors in 2022.

Together, these two events have worked to amplify the rise in value of used vans.

But for many vehicle-based businesses, it’s a chance to capitalise on the value their vans provide:


What do these high prices mean for vehicle-based businesses?

For vehicle dealers, it’s a golden opportunity to get the highest price. With values at an all-time high, there’s no better time to sell.

And if they want to maximise the value of every piece of stock they have, they need to be sure that they’re selling vehicles in the highest possible condition — clean, roadworthy, and MOT-ready.

For fleet operators, it’s a whole different game:

With the price of used vans skyrocketing, they need to be doing all they can to preserve the fleets they have and delay the inevitable costs that come with replacing vehicles and upgrading to newer vans.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to both of these challenges — and it’s all about staying on top of your maintenance and testing.


How can fleet operators avoid the high prices?

If you’re running a sizeable fleet of vans, now isn’t the best time to think about replacements and upgrades.

With the price of used vans at its highest point, you’ll be looking at a substantially higher investment in any new vehicles you buy. And the larger your fleet, the more you’re likely to suffer from the current state of the used van market.

So what’s the solution?

Find a way to delay the inevitable — by squeezing as much as life as possible out of the vans you already have.

For lots of fleet operators, that means it’s the perfect time to invest in your own in-house testing and maintenance equipment, to help you keep your vehicles in top working condition and get ahead of any potential problems before they pop up.

In practice, that usually means investing in things like:

And the best part?

The larger your fleet, the more you’ll be able to save.

With a relatively modest investment into your own in-house testing and maintenance kit, you’ll be helping to avoid the cost of replacing and upgrading dozens of vans and other vehicles — which means the more vehicles you have, the sooner this equipment will pay for itself.


How can companies get the most value when they sell?

Whether you’re a vehicle dealer that lives on trading used vans — or a fleet operator that needs to upgrade and replace — the current state of high prices means there’s no better time to sell.

For vehicle dealers, it’s a direct boost to your profits. And for fleet operators looking to upgrade, selling at the highest possible price means reducing the overall cost of the replacement.

But if you want to get the most out of every van you trade or sell, you need to be sure they’re in the best possible condition.

For both dealers and fleet operators, that means making sure every van is MOT-ready. And the best way to get MOT-ready?

With your own in-house Class 7 MOT Bay.

Our Totalkare Class 7 MOT Bay comes with everything you need to test and maintain your vehicles to the highest MOT standards — with options for an expert installation from our own experienced teams.

As well as supplying the equipment and installation itself, we’re also fully equipped to conduct site surveys and site drawings — as well as helping you with your DVSA application, your staff training, and the long-term maintenance of the equipment you invest in.


Ready to bring your used vans up to speed?

Whether you’re selling commercial vehicles or managing a fleet, the rising price of used vans means that every vehicle-based business should be looking to get the most value out of the vehicles they work with.

So if you’re looking to sell your vehicles at the highest price (or squeeze more life out of the vehicles you have) take a look through our full range of testing and maintenance equipment in our online shop — or chat to a commercial vehicle expert to find out what you need.





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