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Grist Environmental Takes Equipment From Totalkare


Waste management company Grist Environmental is set to benefit from major cost savings and increased workshop flexibility after introducing Totalkare test equipment at its base in the South West.

One of the leading waste management businesses in the UK, Grist Environmental operates a large fleet of specialist vehicles. Due to the demands of vehicle repair and maintenance, it was key for Grist Environmental to have the latest testing equipment to keep up with the demands of their workshop.

Totalkare has installed a mobile brake tester and headlamp tester in Grist Environmental’s workshop.

Having been impressed with a demonstration of the mobile brake tester at Totalkare’s stand at a recent vehicle launch event for Refuse Vehicle Solutions, Grist Environmental used Totalkare’s helpful brake tester savings calculator to get an indication of the potential cost savings that could be realised by testing in-house.

Totalkare’s mobile brake tester is DVSA-approved and can accommodate up to 20,000kg per axle and a number of wheel bases up to 4,000mm. The brake tester comes with a tablet device which uses a virtual display to show all the readings of the test, and a touchscreen-based remote control, enabling brake tests to be conducted from the driver’s seat in a matter of minutes. The mobile brake tester can be placed on asphalt, concrete and even on uneven gravel, sand or dirt, which is why Grist Environmental have opted to use the brake tester outdoors for their vehicle testing.

Headlamp aim is the most common failure item at annual test for both HGVs and PSVs. Totalkare can provide both manual and electronic headlamp testers to accommodate all workshop solutions. All electronic headlamp testers are fitted with capabilities to be connected to the MOT testing service when legislation changes in the future.

By adding a brake and headlamp testing to their workshop, along with an existing set of Totalkare mobile column lifts, Grist Environmental are now further equipped to providing repair and maintenance work on vehicles. Through our comprehensive service offering, they will also benefit from our world class support.

“We were impressed by the level of detail and expertise shown by Totalkare and their products. We were driven in wanting to reduce excessive external charges from third party brake testing by keeping the service in-house and reducing down time” said Paul Forth at Grist Environmental.

“After seeing our equipment in action, Paul and the team at Grist Environmental were keen on introducing our mobile brake tester to their workshop as they could see it being a robust and flexible solution to help test a high number of their vehicles per day,” said John Ray, Area Sales Manager at Totalkare, “By obtaining both pieces of testing equipment, headlamp aim can be tested at the same time as the vehicle’s brakes, meaning two common items of test failure are routinely checked in next to no time.”