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Totalkare Launches New Brake Test Savings Calculator

The decision to bring brake testing in-house is an important one, and businesses have to weigh up the cost of the equipment against the benefits of increased efficiency, productivity and potential long term savings.

These costs v benefits will look different to each organisation, and that is why we have introduced our brake test savings calculator. The calculator can help you to quickly understand whether the investment of an in-house brake tester may provide a saving in the long term.


Cost savings

Depending on the size of your fleet, the cost of routine brake testing each vehicle soon adds up.  Investing in an in-house brake tester eradicates those costs and you might be surprised at how quickly you can break even too.

Brake testing in-house removes the cost of the test itself.  And remember, if a vehicle fails its test at an external testing centre, it costs you again to re-test it. By not having to drive to and from a test centre for a brake test, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll also save fuel and we all know how much that costs!

Simply enter your fleet size and number of tests per year into the calculator, and see how soon you could be saving big for your business!

Time savings

Don’t forget to consider the monetary value of your time savings. Let’s say you currently outsource the brake testing of your fleet.  Every time a vehicle is taken to be tested, the vehicle and the driver are both unavailable to you.  The time taken to drive the vehicle to a test centre is time the vehicle and driver could be on the road adding value to your business.

Conducting brake tests in-house means neither the vehicle or its driver are spending time driving to and from the test centre, so they can be back out on the road earning you money sooner.  In the case of some of our customers, this is as much as 90 minutes in each direction – a long time for the vehicle and driver to be out of commission!


There are many other benefits to bringing brake testing in house – Read our blog for an in depth analysis of these benefits.

But if you’re looking to start with a simple cost saving analysis, check out our new brake test savings calculator. To crunch the numbers further, and explore your personal quote and cost savings, just get in touch today!