Kids play as TotalKare helps keep Glasgow Playbus on the road

One of the UK’s leading providers of heavy duty lifting solutions is helping to keep an essential service for children in Scotland on the road.

TotalKare, which works with clients across the commercial vehicle, bus and coach and workshop sectors, has come to the aid of Glasgow Playbus by supplying a mobile column lift to help it complete its own maintenance and ensure it can continue to deliver play activities to up to 300 kids every day.

This means owners Mark Buchanan and his father Andy can complete their own repairs without having to use commercial garages, meaning they don’t have expensive bills and can ensure that ‘Hamish’ – one of its Scania 113s – is always available to visit schools, nurseries and charities.

Already paying dividends

“We are currently in the process of becoming a children’s charity and only have a very small workforce and operating budget, meaning we are reliant on keeping our essential service going by making the most of our own skills and tapping into the support of others,” explained Mark, who came up with the idea seven years ago.

“I wrote to a number of mobile lift providers about the possibility of getting some refurbished ones for our small workshop and was absolutely amazed when TotalKare got back in touch and said they would be happy to supply us with some mobile column lifts.”

He continued: “Its engineers travelled up here and quickly installed them, giving us the ability to raise our buses so that we can work underneath them. This has already reaped dividends as we spotted an issue with the air compressor that last year had kept us off the road for a number of days.

“With the use of the lift, we could quickly make the repair and get Hamish back out on the road and fulfilling all of the bookings.”

Supporting over 30,000 young people across Glasgow

The Glasgow Playbus aims to promote health, wellbeing and provide happiness to all children, regardless of ability, disability, race or religion.

Each year, the soon to be charity supports over 30,000 young people across the City with its play equipment and activities helping improve motor skills, encourage social interaction and stimulate the senses.

“Normally we have two buses on the road, with Hamish being joined by Archie. Unfortunately, the latter needs a new engine and we are currently looking to raise funds to buy a refurbished one,” added Mark.

“The TotalKare lifts have allowed us to get the old engine out, so we just need to find a way to get the money for the new one. If any businesses are happy to provide some support that would be most welcome.”

James Radford, Sales and Marketing Director at TotalKare, added his support.

“The Playbus does excellent work in supporting the learning and development of children in and around Glasgow so it was an easy decision to donate a set of mobile column lifts.

“This small gesture has already cut maintenance time and ensured Hamish is not out of action for any length of time, thus maximising the opportunity to transform the lives of those who get to enjoy the Playbus.”

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