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The Waste Oil Equipment Used by Winning Workshops 

Vehicle Oil Management

When you’re running a vehicle workshop, it’s all too easy to focus on the big-ticket machinery – the lifts, the pits, and the high-tech testing equipment. 

But if you want to run the tightest ship you can (with efficiency and safety as a top priority) you need to take care of the everyday tasks, too. 

And when you’re servicing vehicles on a daily basis, oils and fluids can become a serious hassle without the right equipment. 

So to help you get to grips with the finer points of oil and waste oil management, we’ve put together the top 5 pieces of oil-management kit that every vehicle workshop needs. 

Let’s start with the messy part: 

1. Fluid Drainers 

We all know draining oil from an engine isn’t the easiest task. And if you’re running a busy workshop with lots of foot traffic, the last thing you want is slippery oil on the floor. 

So to help make that process as clean and safe as possible, most vehicle workshops will have a dedicated device for collecting waste oil and other fluids. 

Our Waste Oil/Fluid Drainers cover a range of different devices for different situations, including: 

  • A Gravity Collection Unit (100-litre capacity) – for extracting oil and fluids from systems where the liquids can flow out freely 
  • A Combined Suction and Gravity Unit (70 litres or 100 litres) – for systems where you need a vacuum pump to remove the fluids 
  • A Low-Level Mobile Drainer (95 litres) – for use with passenger cars, vans, and commercial vehicles where you don’t have access to a lift or an inspection pit 
  • And an Antifreeze Recovery Unit (95 litres) – for draining antifreeze without a pit or a lift. 

2. Mobile Oil Dispensers 

Good oil management isn’t just about waste and disposal. It’s about getting the right oil into the right systems – without a fuss or a mess. 

And our Mobile Oil Dispensers help you do just that – giving you a clean and safe (and mobile!) delivery system to help you refill engines on the go. 

Our standard Mobile Oil Dispenser comes in a range of capacities (from 25 litres up to 70 litres), and works as a self-contained pressurised lubricant dispenser with wheels for mobility and a hose included with every unit. 

Our larger model (the 205-litre Mobile Oil Dispenser) works as either a trolley-mounted or barrel-mounted system. It comes with a digital hose-end meter for greater control and visibility, and a 3:1 ratio air-operated pump – making it easier to empty the drum. 

3. Grease Pumps 

When you need to move a lot of oil fast, nothing gets the job done like an Air-operated Grease Pump. 

Our double-acting pumps all come with a high pressure ratio (either 55:1 or 60:1) – and they’re designed for use with drums and pails ranging from 12.5kg up to 185kg, depending on the model of the Grease Pump you choose. 

All of our Totalkare pumps work with a range of lubrication systems, and can be used with grease up to a standard of NLGI-2. 

4. AdBlue Pump Kits 

If you’re working with diesel vehicles, you’re probably already using AdBlue – the emission-reducing exhaust fluid that’s essential for many vehicles. 

And if you’re using AdBlue in huge quantities (like the 1,000-litre containers our pump kits are built for), you’ll need a safe and efficient delivery system to help you add the fluid into your exhaust systems. 

Our AdBlue Mounted Pump Kit includes: 

  • A lever-action pump with EPDM seals 
  • A pump bracket for IBC 
  • A 2-metre PVC delivery hose and suction hose 
  • And an S60 x 6 swivel IBC connector. 

5. Hose Reels and Stands 

With so many different oils and fluids being used in your workshop, it pays to have a sturdy and secure place to keep them organised. 

(And if you want your workers to be as efficient as possible, it doesn’t hurt to make it easy and fast for them to grab the right substance when they need it!) 

We’ve got a huge range of different hose reels for different fluids and different situations – as well as our rugged and convenient Reel Stands to hold up to 6 hose reels at once. 

All of our hose reels are built with fatigue-resistant steel springs for an even load with pulling and recoil – with a range of different lengths and purposes, including our: 


Ready to start taking oil management seriously? 

It may not be the most glamorous job – but the right oil and waste oil management is essential for any workshop that services vehicles on a regular basis. 

So if you’re looking for new ideas to help streamline your processes and make your workers’ lives easier, check out our full range of oil management tools in our new online shop.