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The Key to a Motivated Workshop

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We talk a lot about the nuts and bolts of running a workshop — from heavy-duty equipment to the everyday tools that get the job done.

But if you want to see the highest levels of productivity and throughput, you need to invest in your people, too.

Just like any other business, your teams should be a top priority. And keeping them happy from Monday to Friday isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Here’s how to start making the changes that foster a healthy and happy working culture:


Make their jobs as easy as possible

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of hard work. But when it’s harder than it needs to be? That’s when you end up with disgruntled employees.

If you want to keep your workshop staff happy and motivated, you need to do what you can to reduce their burden. And in most cases, that means one simple change:

Improving the efficiency of everything they do.

So what can you do to help your staff work more efficiently? In practice, that usually means:

  • Organising your workshop layout — keeping the right tools for the task close at hand with dedicated workshop furniture
  • Providing the best equipment for the job — from manual handing tools that take heavy weights, to remote-control brake testers that minimise their movements
  • And staying on top of your planning and scheduling — so your teams always have the right parts and tools in stock, as well as the right team members on shift to help them.


Create the right working environment

No one expects a workshop to be an oasis of comfort — it’s a heavy-duty environment that’s built for vehicles and machinery.

But that also means that any improvements can feel like a huge upgrade. And the smallest of efforts to make your workers feel more comfortable can lead to a massive increase in their happiness and motivation.

So what can you do to make your workshop more hospitable? You could try:

  • Investing in your break room — adding comfortable seating, vending machines and hot drinks facilities, and a reliable wi-fi connection for your workers’ downtime
  • Paying attention to the temperature — with mobile Workshop Heaters to keep your teams comfortable through the coldest months, no matter where they’re working
  • Keeping a clean premises — not just for their own comfort, but to help create a safer working environment with dedicated tools such as our oil management systems.

When you put a little effort into creating a comfortable environment, you’re not just making it easier to work. You’re showing that you’re willing to prioritise your workers — and that goes a long way towards keeping them happy.


Keep them motivated

Even the best workers need a purpose in their workplace. They need to feel like they’re adding value or improving their skills — and that the work they do on a daily basis is leading to something or adding up to more than the job itself.

So if you want to get the best out of your teams (in terms of both productivity and positive energy), you need to give them that purpose and sense of place.

In practice, that usually means things like:

  • Incentives and bonuses — offering financial and non-financial rewards for both the everyday work they do, and for the special efforts they make to go the extra mile in their jobs
  • Training and progression — helping them to develop their skills and move forward in their careers with online training and certifications
  • And creating a more social work culture — by treating your teams to a lunch or a dinner, organising seasonal events, or hosting work parties where your staff can relax and mingle on the clock.


Make them feel valued

This is a big one — and it affects almost every aspect of how you run your business and treat your teams.

Your staff are more than just an asset or a resource. And when you show them that they’re not just a number on a spreadsheet, that’s when you’ll get some of the happiest and most productive employees around.

So how do you show your teams that you value them? It usually means things like:

  • Showing flexibility — in their holidays and working hours, especially when their personal lives or family issues are making it harder for them to stick to their usual schedules
  • Providing the safest equipment — with regular maintenance checks and professional servicing — such as our dedicated Afterkare service to keep your kit in top condition
  • Prioritising their health — not just in terms of following government policies, but also in the time and resources you dedicate to supporting stress and mental health
  • Appraisals and recognition — offering concrete encouragement for a job well done, and publicly highlighting the strengths and qualities of every member of your workforce.


Ready to invest in a happier workforce?

No matter how hard they work or how well you pay them, your workers need more than just the bare essentials if you want them to stay happy and motivated.

And a huge part of showing your teams that you value them comes from the training you offer and the equipment you provide.

So if you’re looking to get the most out of your workforce, take a look through our online training courses — or talk to a workshop expert to find the safe and reliable tools you need.