The 100th Blog! A Reflection on Totalkare’s Achievements

Its our 100th blog. After spending many posts going over the perks of different products, how to increase workshop capacity and the importance of various safety checks, regulations and servicing we have reached a milestone. Let’s look back at what Totalkare has achieved since its first blog post.

First there was a change in management kickstarted by a 2018 buy-out involving current CEO David Hall. This has since been followed with a further buyout to include Surb Gogna as Finance Director and Adam Bowser as Sales & Marketing Director and the recent promotion of Jessica Porter as Director of Operations.

In 2020, Totalkare moved from its office in Halesowen to a brand new development on the Prime Point development on the Pensnett Trading Estate due to rapid growth. As this growth continued the office was then extended to add a third floor and a marketing creative space to accommodate an increase in employee numbers.

This growth was accelerated by the expansion of the Totalkare product portfolio to include new large products so as the Y-MECH lift, TK-BM65 and In-Ground lift and an extensive range of testing and ancillary products. Check out the full range of Totalkare products here.

This year also saw the launch of the Commercial Vehicle Podcast, an engaging information source with workshop discussions and product comparisons. You can listen to the Commercial Vehicle Podcast on Spotify , Google Podcasts and Apple.  This partnered with many exciting customer news stories blog posts has seen a great year for content.

Looking forward to 2023, the Commercial Vehicle Podcast will return for a second season with a variety of interesting topics relevant to a working workshop and of course you will continue to get your blog fix every week with customer stories sprinkled in here and there.