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Structure 100 Lifts Modular With Totalkare

 Structure 100, a leading innovator in modular structure solutions, has transformed the dispatch phase of its production process with the introduction of mobile columns lifts from workshop equipment experts Totalkare.

Structure 100 supports councils, developers, and architects alike, bringing building plans of all sizes to life through modular construction methods. Like many other modular construction companies, a challenge faced by Structure 100 is swift and safe loading of units onto transports ahead of dispatch, The traditional method is to lift units via crane onto a flatbed, however positioning these centrally to ensure even weight distribution from a single lifting point is time consuming and the crane hire itself is often a significant cost.

Structure 100 has negated this issue by investing in T8DC cable-free mobile column lifts from Totalkare.  Traditionally used to lift commercial road vehicles for repair and maintenance, when used in conjunction with Totalkare’s rubber-topped infill plates, the mobile column lifts allow the structures to be raised into the air for flatbed transporters to reverse underneath.  The lifts are then lowered, positioning the unit precisely ready for strapping and dispatch.  When compared with crane use, the process is significantly quicker.

The infill plates have a capacity of 5,000kg per column, and can be utilised with sets of four, six or eight column lifts to give you the capacity required.

Martin Waker, Head of Manufacturing at Structure 100 said, “We have been using Totalkare’s mobile column lifts to improve the flow of our workshop and to reduce time when transporting the modular structures on flatbed trucks. The time that we are saving on getting the modular structures out the door is allowing the rest of the team to focus on other projects that are currently being undertaken, optimising productivity.”

“Structure 100 has been demonstrating how the versatile mobile column lifts can be used in a variety of applications for different structures,” commented George Georgiou, Area Sales Manager at Totalkare, “The lifts are supported by a Totalkare service package, which includes an engineer visit twice a year to ensure the lifts are serviced and inspected.”