Six benefits of heavy duty Mobile Column Lifts

Options for working underneath a heavy duty vehicle include mobile column lifts, fixed post lifts and pits. There are reasons for and against each option, and it will often depend on your personal workshop set-up and requirements. Below we highlight some of the main benefits of selecting mobile column lifts over other choices.

1. Manoeuvrability

Mobile column lifts offer great manoeuvrability. They are easily portable, enabling work to be carried out in multiple bays within a workshop or simply stored away to create additional workspace when not in use. This is also useful should you ever need to transport your lifts to a new or additional location.

2. Flexible application

They are suitable for lifting a wide range of vehicle types, from vans and minibuses, to coaches, trucks, and everything in between.

With a safe working load of 7,500kg per column, and the ability to configure in sets of up to eight, a maximum total lifting capacity of 60,000kg can be achieved, making these lifts suitable for the heaviest of vehicles. The adjustable forks of the latest Totalkare models make these robust lifts equally suitable for lifting lighter vehicles with smaller wheel diameters, eradicating the need for multiple lifts types.

There is also the option of safely lifting vehicles in a wash bay setting, with the UK’s first wash bay mobile column lift from Totalkare. The fully galvanised finish provides protection from water ingress ensuring many years of trouble-free use in outdoor/wash bay conditions.

3. Low capital expenditure

Mobile column lifts are a financially effective lifting solution. They result in less capital expenditure when compared to traditional pits or four post lifts, particularly when considering the additional cost of ground works required for the alternative options.

Did you know, to reduce capital expenditure even further, at Totalkare we have various flexible finance options available.

Pre-owned mobile column lifts can offer another cash saving, with the peace of mind that your lifts will be fully refurbished by expert Totalkare engineers.

4. Space save

Totalkare mobile column lifts have a footprint of just 1.1 x 1.3m Per column. As they can be easily stored out of the way, they do not require a large permanent space. This makes them ideal for smaller workshops, or for busier workshops where the space is required for multiple jobs.

5. No disruption

The ground works required for a pit or fixed lift installation can render part of a workshop out of action for a period of time. This is entirely unnecessary with mobile column lifts, meaning you can get to work with your new lifts straight away, with no disruption to the workforce, or areas of your workshop.

This eradicates the potential need to restore the grounds should you move on from your premises in the future. It also means you can very easily transfer your lifting equipment to new or additional workshops.

6. Safe and easy to operate

Totalkare mobile column lifts are extremely safe easy to operate when full training has been received. We have designed an expert online mobile column lift training programme to ensure your operatives have all the knowledge required to work safely and efficiently with our equipment.

For more information, download the brochure here.

Totalkare has been supplying the UK market with mobile column lifts for 40 years. If you have any questions about any of our products, get in touch with our friendly team today.