Six ancillary items you need in your heavy duty workshop

If you’re maintaining heavy duty vehicles in your workshop you may want to consider the addition of the below ancillary items which complement the larger lifting and testing equipment and add efficiency to day-to-day operations.

Each has been designed to provide additional flexibility and safety when it comes to the maintenance of vehicles in a heavy duty workshop.


The following four items are designed to be used in conjunction with Totalkare mobile column lifts.

1. Support stands

Adjustable support stands increase working flexibility. They can be used as additional support, or in place of a mobile column lift to provide wheel free access. If using for wheel free access, the vehicle must be raised by a full set of mobile column lifts initially. Once the support stands are securely in place and supporting the weight of the vehicle, the corresponding mobile column can be removed.

Check out the Totalkare support stands here.


2. Trailer beam

A trailer beam can be used in conjunction with mobile column lifts to raise trailers for maintenance. The expertly designed trailer beam allows for easy access underneath and around the trailer, providing additional flexibility and safety in the maintenance of vehicles.

Click here to view the Totalkare trailer beam.


3. Transmission jack

Add a transmission jack to your workshop set up to support in the removal of units from the underside of the vehicle. Used whilst the vehicle is raised above head height, with a gear box plate in place, this item is operated seamlessly via a foot pump to raise and lower the gear box.

Click this link for more information on the transmissions jack from Totalkare.


4. Small wheel adaptoRS

Small wheel adaptors are a useful tool paired with most mobile column lifts, as they enable you to quickly transform the wheel forks to fit smaller diameter wheels. This adds additional flexibility to the product, enabling lifting applications for a variety of vehicle types without the need for separate lifts. This can greatly decrease the overall spend that you could otherwise face when lifting a range of vehicles.

The Totalkare small wheel adaptors can be used in conjunction with the following lifts: RG range, SVL range, Series IV, MVL range, S6 Rav, S6CF and S6NG. They are not required for the later T8AC, T8DC or G8AC models, as these come with adjustable forks as standard.

Take a look at the Totalkare small wheel adaptors here.


The following two items are designed to complement the use of the Totalkare brake tester for comprehensive in-house testing.

5. Smoke meter

A diesel smoke meter is an excellent diagnostic tool to ensure proper maintenance of diesel engines for improved fuel economy and protection of the environment.

The Totalkare cable-free smoke meter has been designed to meet the latest DVSA requirements for the car, bus, and truck markets. It detects and measures the amount of light blocked in a sample of smoke emitted from diesel engines in cars, vans, buses, coaches and trucks.

The smoke meter readout displays the smoke density, giving out a measure of the efficiency of combustion.

Check out the Totalkare smoke meter by clicking here.


6. Headlamp tester

Headlamp Testers are a perfect addition to your workshop to ensure you can perform all necessary tests easy and simply in-house, designed for checking both the orientation and intensity of a vehicle headlamp, to ensure that it meets the minimum required standards.

The 2500 headlamp tester from Totalkare incorporates photodiode technology. This allows automatic positioning, aided by photodiodes which helps you achieve a precise alignment on the light beam.

Read more about the Totalkare headlamp tester here.


Each piece of equipment mentioned is designed to complement your larger lifting and testing equipment in order to achieve more efficient and comprehensive output. All items can be supplied by Totalkare. Click the links to read more about Totalkare specifications or get in touch with the team today for a personalised quote.