Road marking specialist installs TotalKare’s wireless vehicle lifts

Carrying out all vehicle maintenance work at its headquarters in Slough, just outside London, Wilson & Scott recently expanded its fleet of specialist road marking vehicles from 26 to 55 and this led to the company choosing to install new workshop lifting equipment from TotalKare.

Although theoretically anyone could maintain the vehicles, Wilson & Scott carries out all its maintenance in-house because the specialist equipment they use for road marking on board the vehicles needs to be worked on by their own engineers.

According to David Moore, Wilson & Scott’s fleet and logistics manager, the company has used TotalKare lifts for over three decades and the original set of lifts is still in use. They have previously been returned to the TotalKare factory in Halesowen for a mid-life overhaul but it was clear that they were coming to the end of their working life and would need another full refurbishment in the next few years if they were to be used safely.

Deciding to invest in new equipment, Wilson & Scott asked TotalKare to supply its 7,500kg per column wireless lifts, which are ideal in such a busy environment because they don’t have cables trailing across the workshop floor. Also, the lifts can be repositioned easily when working on vehicles of different sizes and axle configurations. Finally, adjustable forks on the lifts allow the workshop to carry out maintenance on all types of vehicles, whether small vans or large specialist road marking vehicles.

Although the original plan was to do a part-exchange deal, Wilson & Scott decided to keep its 30-year-old lifts and still install the new set of mobile column lifts from TotalKare. With both sets of lifts in operation, the road marking specialist could increase the flexibility and productivity of its workshop. Also, with the addition of protection covers, the old lifts became capable of being used outside.

Says TotalKare’s Sales Director James Radford: “Wilson & Scott has been loyal to TotalKare for many years and so it was an absolute delight when the company decided to order our latest cable-free models. Having up-to-date advanced vehicle lifting equipment in the workshop will increase efficiency considerably for Wilson & Scott and make the environment a safer place in which to operate.”