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Phoenix Coaches Opts For Totalkare Mobile Brake Tester

Phoenix Coaches

Phoenix Coaches is saving considerable time and money after introducing in-house brake testing at its Northumberland depot with equipment from lifting and testing experts Totalkare.

Operating across the North East of England and providing a range of services including executive travel, COVID-secure transport, airport transfers, day trips and more, Phoenix Coaches’ modern fleet is at the core of its business.

By not having to drive to and from a test centre for an outsourced brake test, Phoenix Coaches will not only save time, but fuel, vehicle wear and tear and the cost of the test itself too. The result is increased fleet availability, delivering further value to the company’s passengers.

Totalkare’s DVSA-approved mobile brake tester has a simple, yet strong and flexible design. The standard model can test up to 16,000kg axle load and can be placed on asphalt, concrete and even on uneven gravel, sand or dirt.  For heavier axle loads, an upgraded version that can test up to 20,000kg is also available.

It comes supplied with a tablet unit that communicates wirelessly with the brake tester, enabling tests to be conducted with ease from the comfort of the driver’s seat.  In addition, the brake tester is also supplied with computer, printer, monitor and cabinet, and is connected equipment-ready.

Kenneth Turner, owner of Phoenix Coaches said “We are looking forward to the reduced costs by bringing our brake tests in-house, which will also reduce the time each vehicle is unavailable to us while giving us the peace of mind that our fleet is compliant with DVSA requirements.”

“In-house brake testing will offer Phoenix Coaches a number of benefits”, said Nigel Poynton, Area Sales Manager at Totalkare. “Conducting brake tests in-house means neither the vehicle or its driver are spending time driving to and from the test centre or incurring test fees – over time this will amount to significant savings.”



Get a quick indication of the cost savings available with our easy-to-use brake tester savings calculator or call us for a quotation.