Everything you need to know about part exchanging vehicle lifts

part exchanging vehicle lifts

Unexpected costs are always a pain, especially if it means your workshop faces downtime while something’s being repaired.  Perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your vehicle lifts through part exchange?  Part exchanging vehicle lifts is a quick and essentially hassle-free way for you to unload an old set of lifts and get themselves in a newer set, helping you to work faster and smarter.

Part exchange – less hassle than selling lifts yourself

How can changing your current lifts for a new set be made simple?

Lots of column lift users decide to part exchange their lifts rather than go through the hassle of selling them privately. If you undergo a part exchange against a new set of lifts your used lifts will be taken off your hands for a set price and that amount will come off the bill for your new ones – simple. There is no worry of a buyer coming back if something goes wrong and there is no delay in buying your new lifts because you’re not waiting for a sale from a buyer.

Part exchange due to an expensive repair

There comes a time when the cost of repairing something doesn’t make as much sense financially as purchasing a replacement.  If you decide that it’s no longer worth repairing your older lifts, then what’s the next step?

If your lifts have failed their service or has parts that need replacing, such as worn load nuts, this will likely result in them being unsafe to use.

You’ll need to bear in mind, if the issues aren’t repairable on site, your lifts will not be allowed to be used until the issues are fixed or replaced after being returned to TotalKare for a repair. This will result in a period of downtime for your workshop, especially if a loan set of lifts aren’t available during your repair.

This potential downtime could be minimised simply by part exchanging your old lifts for a set of new lifts that  will arrive in full working condition with a new warranty – you’ll be back up and running in no time!

Part exchanging vehicle lifts due to improved technology

When is the right time to upgrade to newer technology?

Advancements in technology and engineering are happening all the time as we seek to add value by making tasks quicker and/or easier.  Upgrading your lifts has many benefits, such as the use of incorporating wireless technology. This allows customers the freedom of manoeuvrability of their lifts around their workshops, without having to worry about potential damage to cables.

Another benefit of new technologies are the improved safety systems that are utilised on column lifts.  Our T8 range of lifts allow customers to set height limits when lifting vehicles, ensuring no damage is done to low ceiling workshops or workshops that have overhead cranes, for instance.

TotalKare offer various options when part exchanging lifts for a newer set, so whether you wish to purchase outright your new lifts or set up a lease agreement TotalKare will have a solution to suit your needs.  Call us today on 0121 585 2724!