John Sutch Cranes deliver brake safety with Totalkare brake tester

John Sutch Cranes - Totalkare brake tester

John Sutch Cranes Ltd has introduced in-house brake testing for additional best practice maintenance for mobile cranes at its Liverpool and Manchester workshops with the addition of a Totalkare mobile brake tester.

The contract lifting specialist provides a range of mobile cranes for country wide hire and has major projects spanning the length of the country. The introduction of the mobile brake tester will enable testing to be conducted in-house at both the Liverpool and Manchester workshops to support the current legislation.

High level of customisation

Totalkare has provided a robust and durable mobile brake tester which can be easily wheeled into place and folded out into a desired position, and can be placed on asphalt, concrete or even uneven gravel, sand or dirt. It can withstand up to 20,000kg axle load, providing a truly flexible mobile solution to in-house brake testing with no need for ground works. The brake tester can be supplied with a range of features such as extended access ramps, play detection or tachograph calibration, giving a high level of customisation to meet specific workshop requirements.

It comes supplied with a handheld tablet unit that communicates wirelessly with the brake tester. The units have a virtual display and a touchscreen-based remote control, enabling tests to be conducted by a single operative from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

A durable and flexible product

“In order to facilitate the present regulations for mandatory brake testing requirements for mobile cranes, there are legal recommendations, and it is extremely important to us and our due diligence for other road users that we follow these guidelines”, explains Ian Seddon, Transport and Maintenance Manager at John Sutch Cranes.

“As a company we want to ensure that our cranes have braking systems that are as effective as possible, with test certificates to prove it. Totalkare was able to provide us with a durable and flexible solution that allows us to be proactive with the anticipated change of legislation and mobile crane testing. With simple operation via a tablet, step by step instructions, quick readings and clear printouts, incorporating in-house brake testing has been simple, straightforward, and a wholly worthwhile investment”.

Brian Young, National Accounts Manager at Totalkare said: “John Sutch Cranes Ltd required a mobile solution for in-house brake testing in order to avoid the disruption of ground works and provide a manoeuvrable product for use across the Liverpool and Manchester workshops. We were able to promptly provide them with a product tailored to meet that requirement that will deliver considerable cost savings over time.”