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Reduce Your Fleet’s Carbon Footprint With In-House Testing

How in-house testing can bring your fleet closer to carbon neutrality

There’s no getting away from it: when you’re running a fleet of vehicles, your impact on the environment is huge.

With dozens of heavy vehicles out on the road all day and night, your carbon emissions are serious business – and the activities of just one fleet operator could have a significant impact on the problem of greenhouse gases.

But with dozens of vehicles out on the road, you’ve got massive potential to make a positive difference, too.

Carbon neutrality is a hot topic in the industry right now. In fact, this year’s ITT Hub (Innovation in Transport and Technology) event is centred around the theme of ‘achieving net zero’ – the goal of reducing our carbon emissions to reach a state of balance with the environment we’re a part of.

So what can you do to help reduce your fleet’s carbon emissions?

There are all sorts of steps you can take to help the environment, from understanding the Euro 6 standards to getting regular emissions tests for your fleet.

But there’s one small step that doesn’t get much attention – and it can have a huge impact on reducing your emissions.

Here’s how bringing your vehicle testing in-house can help achieve net zero:

Those extra trips are wasting fuel

We all know how quickly the costs of fuel can add up. And if you’re running a fleet of vehicles, those costs get multiplied for every vehicle that’s out on the road.

You might be looking at a 20-mile round trip to the nearest test centre – which doesn’t sound too bad on its own. But when that 20-mile trip gets multiplied by 50 vehicles travelling for four tests per year, that’s a whopping 4,000 miles of fuel your business is wasting each year.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution for any fleet operator that wants to be more efficient: you can cut out those unnecessary trips by bringing your testing in-house.

With an in-house Brake Tester, Headlamp Tester, and Emissions Tester, you can get the essential testing your fleet needs whenever you want it – without the huge costs of needless extra mileage.

That covers the financial side of things. But the reality is that bringing your testing in-house is actually a double dip in terms of benefits:

Every gallon of fuel saved is a reduction in costs – but it’s also a reduction in your carbon footprint.

That’s a gallon of fuel that won’t need any fossil fuels to be manufactured. It’s a gallon of fuel that won’t be releasing extra carbon while it’s being produced, and one that won’t be causing any extra emissions while your fleet consumes it.



Every mile adds more emissions

There’s something ironic about travelling to get your emissions tested – while pumping extra emissions into the air along the way.

Every business gets their emissions tested so they can stay compliant with the law. But for many other fleet operators, there’s a real sense of obligation on top of it – they really care about their environmental impact, and there’s a real desire to lower their carbon footprint.

And for those kinds of businesses, bringing your testing in-house is a no-brainer.

By investing in an Emissions Tester that’s ready and available without an extra journey, you’re effectively making the test itself carbon-neutral – cutting out the unnecessary emissions that you would be producing with every vehicle that travels for every test.

Low-maintenance means low-carbon

We’ve talked a lot about fuel and emissions. But there’s another factor at play that has a significant impact on your carbon footprint – and it’s one that might not be so obvious:

The more wear and tear you put your vehicles through, the higher your carbon footprint.

So how does that work?

When you’re making regular extra trips with your vehicles, you’re speeding up the process of replacing every part that doesn’t last forever: your tyres, your braking components, and your oil.

That’s an obvious extra drain on your budget. But it’s also a less obvious increase to your company’s environmental impact.

When your fleet goes through more consumable parts each year, you’re creating demand for more replacements. You’re buying more tyres and brake pads, and causing the manufacturers of those parts to create more emissions in the process.

But when you bring your testing in-house, you can automatically reduce the wear and tear on your vehicles. They won’t need to travel for every test, and they won’t keep chewing through new parts year after year.

And the result? You’re saving money – and you’re reducing your effect on the environment at the same time.

Ready to cut costs – and your carbon?

Every progressive fleet operator is thinking about carbon neutrality. And that means taking every effort along the way to help you reduce your carbon footprint – no matter how big or small.

So if you’re running a fleet of vehicles with the goal of ‘achieving net zero’, take a look at our in-house testing equipment in our new online shop – and be sure to drop by for a visit as we exhibit at this year’s ITT Hub 2021 at Farnborough International (find us at Stand B20).