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How Mobile Equipment Gives Your Workshop More Capacity

We’ve seen a lot of commercial vehicle workshops over the years. And if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s this:

None of them has ever complained that they have too much space.

Whether you’re running a smaller workshop or you’re expanding your services, the size of your premises is usually one of the first limiting factors you’ll come up against.

But with the right equipment under your belt, you can increase your capacity and the throughput of your vehicles — without moving your business or adding to your overheads.

Here’s the mobile workshop equipment you need to know about:


Flexible lifting

A commercial vehicle lift is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your workshop.

But it’s also one of the biggest bits of kit in terms of size — taking up a significant chunk of the valuable floor space you have on your premises. And when it’s not being used, it’s dead space on your shop floor.

So what do smart (and small) workshops do to make the most of every inch of space they have?

They invest in a vehicle lift that doesn’t always take up space.

Our Mobile Column Lifts are designed to work almost anywhere in your workshop. They’re easy to set up in configurations of up to 8 columns — and they’ve got the lifting capacity to handle some of the heaviest vehicles around.

But the real reason so many workshops love them is their flexibility:

If you’re going through a period where you don’t need to lift vehicles (or if you’re running the type of workshop that doesn’t need a lift every day), you don’t need to keep your column lifts as a permanent fixture.

You can pack up your Mobile Column Lift and put it safely into storage. You can then use that same space on your workshop floor for any number of other services and jobs — giving you a direct boost to the capacity of your workshop, and the number of vehicles you can service on any given day.


Creating new workstations

Whether you’re freeing up new space with a mobile lift, or you’ve dedicated an area as a flexible workspace, you’ll need the right mobile equipment to help you set up and rearrange your workshop efficiently.

That could mean setting up a vehicle testing area with our mobile Emissions Analyser and Headlamp Testers — or it could mean setting up a temporary brake testing station with our Totalkare Mobile Brake Tester.


Getting more space than you have

For lots of smaller workshops, it can feel like you’ve already maxed out the available space you have.

But after visiting hundreds of workshops and fleet operators over the years, we know there’s one untapped space that often gets overlooked. And that’s the outdoor areas of your premises.

We’ve seen lots of workshops with a perfectly serviceable outdoor space — a courtyard, a carpark, or a loading bay — that rarely gets used to its full potential.

And for businesses like these, they often don’t know what they’re missing.

Our Mobile Brake Testers, for example, are designed to work on asphalt and concrete — or even on uneven gravel and dirt. And because they’re mobile, you can set them up in a suitable outdoor space at a moment’s notice.

So when the capacity of your workshop is reaching its limit, you can move your brake testing outside, and free up new space indoors to carry out other simultaneous services.

(Or you could even invest in a second Mobile Brake Tester. With one indoors and one outdoors, you can test two vehicles simultaneously — giving you a massive boost to your vehicle throughput.)

Similarly, the galvanised version of our Mobile Column Lift is perfect for outdoor use. Designed primarily for use in wet conditions, the G8AC Washbay Column Lift can be safely used in an outdoor environment, even when it’s raining.

Just like with the Mobile Brake Tester, you’ve got full flexibility over how you use your space. You can move your indoor lifting to an outdoor area to free up more space inside — or invest in a second set of lifts to carry out two lifting services at the same time.

And since our Mobile Column Lifts come in configurable sets of up to 8 columns, you’re getting even more flexibility. You can set up two sets of 4 so you can lift two vehicles at one — or join them together to create a set of 8 to lift the longest of vehicles, such as lorries and coaches.


Think you’re at full capacity?

You might have more options for space than you realise.

Check out our full range of mobile workshop equipment in our online shop — or talk to one of our workshop equipment experts to help you choose the right kit to optimise your premises.