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How Many Mobile Column Lifts Do You Need?

Dennis Eagle uses Totalkare mobile column lifts

When it comes to flexibility, nothing beats a Mobile Column Lift. They’re portable, space-saving — and they can even be used outdoors.

But they’re not just flexible in the way they can be used:

There’s flexibility in the investment you make.

With different configurations made up of different sets of columns, you can choose the exact level of lifting that your workshop needs, based on the vehicles you’re servicing and the layout of your premises.

Here’s how to choose the right number of column lifts for your business:


Four Columns

This is the smallest possible configuration for Mobile Column Lifts — which means a set of 4 is the absolute minimum that any workshop or fleet operator needs to invest in.

But that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in power:

Each of our column lifts has a lifting capacity of 7,500kg. So, with a set of 4 columns, you’ll be able to lift vehicles that weigh up to 30,000kg (30 tonnes).

(If you’re looking to buy a Pre-Owned Mobile Column Lift, there may be some variation in the lifting capacity. Our pre-owned lifts can usually handle between 28 and 30 tonnes when used as a set of 4.)

That 30-tonne limit is a serious chunk of weight. And that means a set of 4 column lifts can handle the vast majority of standard commercial vehicles, including:

  • LCVs — including transit-type vans and long-wheelbase vans
  • 2-axle rigid lorries
  • 2-axle HGVs
  • Standard buses and coaches (single or double-decker)
  • And articulated lorry cabs.

That covers a huge range of commercial vehicles. But there is a caveat here:

It’s not just about the weight of the vehicle.

You also need to think about the number of axles the vehicle has, and how that matches up to the number of columns you’re using.

If you need to lift vehicles with more than 2 axles, you’ll need more than 4 columns — regardless of whether the weight of the vehicle is below the lifting capacity.


Six Columns

If your workshop needs to service vehicles with 3 axles, you’ll need a set of 6 Mobile Column Lifts to safely carry out the lifting.

But that extra support from an additional pair of columns also adds to the total lifting capacity — opening up opportunities to lift heavier vehicles than with a smaller set of 4.

With a lifting capacity of 7,500kg per column, a set of 6 Mobile Column Lifts gives you a total capacity of 45 tonnes.

That means you’ll be able to service:

  • 3-axle rigid lorries
  • 3-axle draw-bar trailers
  • 3-axle coaches and buses

Now here’s where it gets interesting:

When you invest in a set of 6 column lifts, you’re also getting all the benefits of a set of 4.

Because our Mobile Column Lifts can be configured into groups, you can set up 4 of your columns to create a smaller lift, leaving the other two columns in storage.

So, if your workshop regularly lifts smaller vehicles and only occasionally lifts vehicles with 3 axles, you only need to buy once to cover every eventuality.

And if you’re looking to expand your services in the future, investing in a set of 6 lifts now could help to futureproof your setup — giving you the most value out of a single investment.


Eight Columns

This is the largest configuration for a set of Mobile Column Lifts. So, for a workshop that lifts only one vehicle at a time, this is the most you’ll ever need to cover every type of vehicle.

With a lifting capacity of 7,500kg per column, that gives you a total capacity of 60 tonnes — which is more than enough for just about every type of commercial vehicle out there.

A set of 8 columns means you’ll be able to lift:

  • 4-axle rigid lorries
  • 4-axle draw-bar trailers
  • 4-axle coaches and buses

In the same way that a set of 6 gives you all the benefits of a set of 4, a set of 8 column lifts gives you everything below it — the same benefits of both 6 and 4.

But a set of 8 is a special case. Here’s why:

Because column lifts need a minimum of 4 columns, that means a set of 8 can be split apart into two independent vehicle lifts, each containing a set of 4.

So, you can service a heavy vehicle with 4 axles in the morning — and then lift two smaller vehicles simultaneously in the afternoon.

That’s a huge boost to your throughput, effectively doubling the number of smaller vehicles you can get through in a day.

Or in other words: investing in a set of 8 column lifts can give you two lifts for the price of one.


Need some advice on your next lift?

A set of Mobile Column Lifts is one of the most versatile and flexible lifting options around.

But if you’re not sure what your workshop needs — both now and in the future — you might not choose the setup that gives you the best return on your investment.

So, if you’re still unsure about the column lifts you need (or you still have questions about how they work), get in touch with one of our vehicle experts — and we’ll help you find the right fit for your business.