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How an In-House Class 7 MOT Bay Saves You Money

If you know us at all, you know we’re big believers in bringing testing in-house.

And it’s not just us — our customers are living proof.

We’ve worked with countless workshops and fleet operators who have made the investment in their own on-site equipment. And in the long term, they’ve all seen significant savings.

But for some businesses, the financial savings aren’t always obvious — especially with a bigger investment like a Class 7 MOT Bay.

So to help you get the complete picture, we’ve created a new online savings calculator designed specifically for Class 7 MOT Bays — to show you exactly how much you could be saving.

And if you’re not ready for that?

We can tell you why you should be.

Here’s why smart workshops are investing in their own Class 7 MOT Bays:


You’re keeping vehicles in action

If you’re outsourcing your MOT tests to a third-party service, we’ve got some bad news:

It’s simply not efficient.

For every vehicle that needs a Class 7 MOT, you’re wasting:

  • The time it takes to travel to the test centre (and back)
  • The fuel used to get there
  • A driver who could be out earning revenue
  • And the money you spend on the test itself.

That’s a lot of waste. And when you multiply that by every vehicle (and every year), those costs and missed opportunities can add up.

But with an investment into your own Class 7 MOT Bay, you’re cutting out every bit of waste between you and your MOT test.

There’s no journey, no fuel costs — and your drivers are free to hop in another vehicle and complete a job that brings in money.


You can test without limits

An MOT usually happens once a year. So, if you’re comfortable with the price you’re paying, you might not be giving it too much thought.

But here’s the reality:

Almost half (45%) of large vans fail their MOT test every year — and around a third of LCVs don’t make it, either.

So, once you’ve paid for the test, and then paid for any repairs?

You’ll have to pay for a new MOT test again — along with all the wasted time and costs that come with it.

But for a workshop that’s invested in its own MOT bay?

They only have to worry about the repairs.

When you own your own test centre, you can test each vehicle as many times as you need to. If a vehicle fails, you can line up a retest almost immediately.

You can even give them check-up tests throughout the year — so you can track their condition and have full confidence that they’ll pass when they’re legally obliged to take an MOT.

And the best part?

After that initial investment, each new test costs you almost nothing. And your Class 7 MOT bay is even closer to paying for itself.


You’re getting more from what you have

For some workshops, outsourcing tests is a convenient option.

They might not have the space or the staff for their own test centre — or they might not be willing to invest in the right training.

But for plenty of workshops, they’re not making the most of the resources they have.

You’re already paying for a premises that can handle a test centre. You’re already paying the wages of talented staff who could perform the tests — and the fixed-cost overheads that come with running a workshop.

So, if you already have the means and resources, it doesn’t make sense to pay the costs of a third-party business, as well.

With your own in-house MOT bay, you’re getting more value out of the space and the skills you already have. You’re helping to boost your efficiency and the ROI of your setup and give your staff a rewarding new set of skills and experience to go with it.


Ready to cut out the middleman?

Setting up your own test centre might seem like a big investment. But in the long run, it can pay for itself much sooner than you think.

Our Class 7 MOT Bay package comes with everything you need to set up shop and reduce your outsourcing, including:

So if you’re ready to get serious about long-term savings, talk to one of our MOT Bay experts — or jump straight into our online savings calculator to see how much you could save.