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How Agricultural Brake Testers Help You Save Money and Stay Safe

Nicholsons takes agricultural brake tester from Totalkare

If you’re running an agribusiness, you probably don’t spend much time on the road.

But with some of the heaviest vehicles and trailer-loads around, the health of your brakes is something you can’t ignore.

Here’s how investing in an agricultural brake tester helps you cut down your costs — and keep your vehicles, your teams, and the public safe.


You’ll save on repairs

Agricultural vehicles are built for the heaviest of duties. But they’re not invincible — and the cost of repairs continues to climb:

Earlier this year, agricultural insurance brokers Acre reported that repair bills for farms are rising by as much as 25%.

So what does that mean for your tractors and trailers?

It means that every proactive measure you take can have a huge impact on your costs.

With a dedicated Agricultural Brake Tester, you’ll get a detailed report on the condition and efficiency of the brakes on each axle — with far more information than an outdated decelerometer.

So as your brakes start to wear and degrade over time, you’ll be the first to know, with an early warning that helps you spot problems before they escalate.

And the result?

You can stay on top of your maintenance and carry out smaller repairs — before the problems grow into something more costly.


You’ll save on brake tests

Some farms and agribusinesses can be tempted by short-term savings, with occasional brake testing that they outsource to third-party companies.

And in the short term, this can make sense.

But if you’re looking for long-term savings (and especially if you’re growing your business and your fleet) investing in your own agricultural brake tester is almost always the smarter choice.

Those outsourced tests can start to add up. You’re paying the profits and running costs of a whole other business — when you’ve already got your own premises and staff who can carry out the tests with your own in-house equipment.

And the best part?

The more vehicles and trailers you have, the sooner your brake tester starts paying for itself.

So, if you’re running a sizeable fleet or you’re planning to add more vehicles, an early investment in an Agricultural Brake Tester could be one of the most cost-efficient decisions you make.


You’ll be safer on the roads

You might not be spending much time on the road — but any time at all means you need to make safety a priority.

And with the massive weights involved in agricultural vehicles and trailers, that means your braking systems are more important than ever.

But it’s not just about your own vehicles:

Studies show that rural roads are the most dangerous roads per mile travelled, with more than 50% of fatal crashes in the UK. Between their high speed limits, their winding shape, and the chance of debris and obstructions, the risk of an accident is especially high.

So no matter how cautious or well-trained your operators are, there are times when your agricultural vehicles will need to react and respond to a risky situation.

With your own in-house brake tester, you’ll be able to check the reliability of your brakes as often as you need to without any extra costs.

And if you ever need to make a longer trip, you can schedule a brake test before each journey — without making an appointment, and without waiting for availability.


You’ll stay compliant

Agricultural trailers come with their own specific legal requirements. And if you’re out on the road, you need to be confident they’re hitting their targets.

For both hydraulic and pneumatic trailer brakes, that means:

  • A braking efficiency of 25% when travelling below 40kph (25mph)
  • A braking efficiency of 45% when travelling above 40kph (25mph).

Exact figures like these need an accurate and precise testing process — and you might need multiple tests if some of your vehicles and trailers don’t pass the first time.

So if you want to stay compliant (and avoid potential fines!), investing in your own in-house brake tester can help you to stay on top of the legal requirements you’re obliged to follow.


Want to know more?

If you’re running an agribusiness that spends time on the road, you can’t afford to ignore your brake testing.

And if you’re operating a fleet or you’re looking to expand, an Agricultural Brake Tester could be a long-term money-saver for you and your business.

You can see our own brake tester in action on an agricultural trailer — or talk to one of our brake-testing experts to see exactly what your business needs.