GT Commercials introduces in-house brake testing with Totalkare equipment

One of the UK’s leading specialists in heavy duty workshop equipment, Totalkare, has supplied commercial vehicle repair company, GT Commercials with a state-of-the-art mobile brake tester.

Northamptonshire based GT Commercials provides full commercial vehicle repair and maintenance services including trailer repairs, diagnostics, breakdown, and vehicle servicing. The introduction of the mobile brake tester will enable the company’s testing to be conducted in-house.


Totalkare has provided a robust and durable, DVSA approved, mobile brake tester which can be easily wheeled into place and folded out into a desired position. It can be placed on asphalt, concrete or even uneven gravel, sand, or dirt. Flexible and easily manoeuvrable, with no need for ground works, the kit is still extremely durable, and can withstand an axle load up to 16,000kg.

Totalkare’s mobile brake tester comes supplied with a handheld tablet unit that communicates wirelessly with the equipment. The units have a virtual display and a touchscreen-based remote control, enabling tests to be conducted by a single operative from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

The brake tester can be supplied with a range of optional features such as extended on ramps, play detection, bi-directional rollers, and tachograph calibration, giving a high level of customisation to meet specific workshop requirements.


Martin Clipstone, Managing Director at GT Commercials said, “We now have a dedicated brake test bay separate from our main workshop area, allowing us to conduct tests and offer out the facility to local customers, without disruption to other workshop functions.” He continued, “With the low monthly payments of Totalkare’s three-year lease hire, compared with our previous cost of outsourcing, it quickly became apparent that savings were to be made with this investment. With the value of this package and the reputation of Totalkare and its product, the decision was a no-brainer.”

Adam Bowser, Sales Manager at Totalkare said: “GT Commercials have owned Totalkare lifts for the last four years and we have maintained a good relationship with them over this time. We helped the company to discover the best solution for their needs. Our lease hire plan was a beneficial option for them, particularly as it included the peace of mind of regular maintenance and calibration at no additional cost”.