TotalKare provide bespoke lifting solution for Grundfos engineering

Global specialist, Grundfos, has turned to TotalKare for a lifting solution for their large project solutions.

The Midlands-based lifting expert has worked with the global supplier of pumps for heating, air conditioning, water and other applications, to create a bespoke modification to their market-leading mobile column lift that will facilitate the safe lifting of packaged plant rooms.

Specially designed adaptor plates

Grundfos were lifting packaged plant rooms onto skates in order to move them into the test facility and outdoors for dispatch. This was previously achieved by lifting on multiple jacks which were operated by different people simultaneously. This required the tricky task of lifting and lowering at precisely the same time and speed, to avoid the potential for load tipping.

Specially designed adaptor plates have transformed a set of six TotalKare cable-free T8DC mobile column lifts into a practical device that is fit for Grundfos’ requirements.

More commonly used for raising heavy duty vehicles, TotalKare’s T8DC mobile column lifts provide a lifting capacity of 7,500kg per column, offering the ability to support a load of up to 45,000kg safely above head height with a set of six. Radio synchronisation and battery power provide a cable-free environment and the ability for reliable, simultaneous lifting, requiring operation from one column only.

A safer solution

Ryan Appleby, Senior Engineer at Grundfos explained “We were impressed with TotalKare’s can-do response to our unusual lifting enquiry. We needed to find an alternative safer solution and TotalKare offered us that. We have reduced the manual handling risk, the risk of the packaged plant room tipping and the number of employees that must be involved. We are very happy with the new method.”

Jack Longstaff, Area Sales Manager at TotalKare explained, “Grundfos came to us with a requirement we hadn’t seen before. The plates fit over the wheel forks and transformed the load bearing component of the lifts into a flat base, creating a sturdy support for the pumps. We were delighted to support Grundfos with their project.”