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How a Simple Fuel Additive Can Give You More Miles per Gallon

eliminox fuel additive

Whether you’re running a fleet of 3 or 300, every bit of efficiency counts.

And with fuel prices growing with every passing year, it pays to do everything you can to reduce the fuel you’re using – to cut down on your costs, and your emissions.

There are all kinds of ways to improve your fuel efficiency, from investing in modern vehicles and new technologies, to plotting better routes and giving your drivers advanced training.

But there’s one low-cost solution that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves – and it could save you up to 15% of the fuel costs for your fleet.


What is ElimiNOX?

ElimiNOX Eco is a smart fuel conditioner for diesel and petrol engines, designed to dramatically reduce your emissions, your engine wear, and the costs of maintenance and fuel.

By enabling a more complete combustion inside the engine (as well as removing excess water from the fuel system) you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck with every drop of fuel.

And the best part?

It’s a pre-combustion solution, which means you don’t need to modify your engines or your exhaust system – you can simply treat the fuel and start seeing the benefits right away.


How does it work?

Water contamination is a serious problem for anyone who uses diesel. And when fuel containers heat up and cool down, the condensation can cause a build-up of water.

This excess water in a fuel tank or fuel system can lead to the growth of bacteria – a contamination called ‘diesel bug’, which can deteriorate your fuel and create sludge that damages your engines.

Most other fuel conditioners are fuel demulsifiers. That means they leave this excess water at the bottom of the tank – where it can continue to grow organisms, cause corrosion, and create a build-up of deposits throughout the fuel system.

But ElimiNOX Eco works by emulsifying that water into the fuel itself – effectively removing excess water from the fuel system completely.

And the result?

Your fuel burns more efficiently, produces fewer emissions, and reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle’s systems.


How much difference can ElimiNOX make?

With so many different vehicles and engines out there – and so many different drivers and routes – there isn’t a magic number that applies to every fleet.

But in general, you can expect fuel that’s been treated with ElimiNOX to:

  • Reduce your CO2 emissions by 18-30%
  • Reduce your Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions by up to 23%
  • Increase the lubricity of diesel by 30% (a reduction in friction that reduces engine wear)
  • And importantly – increase your fuel efficiency by 8-15%.

So as well as a huge reduction in the emission of harmful chemicals, you’ll also be looking at a potential 15% increase to your miles per gallon across your entire fleet.

That translates directly into a 15% saving in fuel costs – making ElimiNOX a cost-neutral product that pays for itself.


Ready to see some serious fuel savings?

No matter how large or small your company’s fleet is – if you’re not treating your fuel, you could be missing out.

So if you’re looking for a low-cost way to cut your emissions and get more out of every tank of fuel (without any extra tech or modifications to your vehicles), take a look at our ElimiNOX Eco Fuel Conditioner in our online shops – or talk to a Totalkare expert to learn more.





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