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Five Reasons to Choose Mobile Column Lifts for Your Wash Bay

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It is important to thoroughly clean the undercarriage of your vehicle, due to the build-up of substances from the road that can lead to faster rust and deterioration. But it can be a tricky job when that area of the vehicle is so inaccessible, and the answer is to elevate it.  Traditionally, this has been done using ramps or a fixed outdoor vehicle lift.  A new alternative option is Totalkare’s G8AC wash bay column lift, and here are five reasons to choose them for your vehicle wash bay.

Full sight of vehicle undercarriage

Because of the potential damage caused from the build-up of road grime over time, it’s important not to miss any spots when cleaning. With the location and intricacies of the vehicle undercarriage, this can be extremely difficult. Mobile column lifts allow you to safely raise the vehicle to a desired height and view every angle of the undercarriage without difficulty, ensuring a thorough cleaning job is easily achievable.


Safe access beneath the vehicle

In order to achieve a thorough clean with the vehicle still grounded, you may be required to crouch, kneel or even lay on the ground to gain the access required. This has obvious health and safety implications that can be instantly eradicated with the use of mobile column lifts. Our G8AC wash bay mobile column lifts enable you to raise the vehicle above head height up to 1.75m, allowing for a comfortable overhead working condition for any operative.


Galvanised and full water ingress protected

You can now obtain a set of mobile column lifts that provide fully galvanised protection from water ingress, making it a no-brainer solution. Our G8ACs are the first mobile column lifts in the UK specifically designed for wash bay application, meaning no more sacrificing your old lifts to the damage, or cobbling together a less suitable wash bay solution.


Multi-purpose use

Our G8AC wash bay mobile column lifts are easily manoeuvrable. They can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are easily wheeled into different locations. This allows for use in various designated areas of your workshop and for multiple functionalities including vehicle washing, vehicle maintenance and repair.


Flexible and adaptable

As with our other mobile column lifts, the G8ACs come with built in adjustable wheel forks. This makes it easy to use the same set of lifts for multiple vehicles – ideal for busy wash bays. The adjustable forks eradicate the need to purchase additional lifts or wheel adaptors, saving money and increasing workshop or wash bay efficiency.

To find out more about our wash bay mobile column lifts, or any other products, please email sales@totalkare.co.uk or call 0121 585 2724.