FCC Environment Upgrades Workshop With Totalkare Column Lifts

One of the UK’s leading waste and resource management companies has increased their efficiency following the introduction of three sets of heavy duty mobile column lifts from Totalkare.

FCC Environment provides a range of valuable services including collecting corporate and public waste, and processing and recycling that waste. FCC Environment’s approach is to minimise the amount of waste that ends up in landfill by transforming it into valuable resources and green energy wherever possible.

FCC Environment’s workshop will be enhanced by the addition of three new sets of Totalkare’s state-of-the-art T8AC mobile column lifts – part of the workshop equipment provider’s leading column lift range.

The T8AC cabled mobile column lift provides a lifting capacity of 7,500kg per column and is easily manoeuvred around the workshop, providing flexibility of lifting positions. The T8AC’s adjustable wheel forks facilitate the lifting of vehicles with a range of wheel diameters without the need for additional wheel adapters. The lifts can be configured in sets of four, six, or eight providing a solution for any lifting requirement.

All three sets of lifts will be supported by a Totalkare Service package, providing FCC Environment with peace of mind, knowing that their lifts will be maintained to the highest standards all year round.

Simon Scargill, Senior National Fleet Inspector at FCC Environment said, “We took on a new contract, resulting in the need for extra sets of lifts to facilitate additional vehicle maintenance. Our new contract got off to the best possible start with Totalkare providing us with our lifts within a tight delivery window, negating any downtime in our business. The lifts are enabling us to seamlessly increase our productivity, which has been a huge benefit to the business”.

Brian Young, Area Sales Manager at Totalkare explained: “Our T8AC is a popular choice of product amongst our customers due to its build quality, flexibility and ease of use. The T8AC is a perfect fit for FCC Environment and through our comprehensive service offering, they will benefit from our world class support.”