Exploring the flexibility of mobile brake testers

Totalkare mobile brake tester

Mobile brake testers are a great addition to any workshop and can bring many benefits to help in the maintenance of heavy duty vehicles. Given the flexibility and advantageous features of mobile brake testers, there is no surprise as to why this piece of equipment is the most popular amongst our testing range. Being robust and DVSA approved, the Totalkare mobile brake tester is a reliable option for any workshop.

Space saving

The unique space saving design of the mobile brake tester allows it to be used directly on a wide array of workshop floor surfaces and can be installed both indoor and outdoor in most environments from -30ºC to 60°C and humidity up to 95. These can include concrete, gravel, sand, dirt, uneven tarmac and even snow. The Totalkare mobile brake tester works well in tough environments as experienced by the army, navy and air force organisations. It can also be used at port entry areas, lay-bys at highways and remote areas, making it perfect for road side inspections that may be carried by enforcement authorities.

No civil work is required when installing a mobile brake tester, as it can be placed on several different floor surfaces as mentioned above. However, it can be installed over a pit if required, or recessed into the workshop floor with little civil works for a more permanent installation.

Quick set-up

The robust mobile brake tester unit is extremely easy to set-up, assemble and work with – requiring just one technician and 10-15 minutes to make the brake tester fully operational. The mobile brake tester requires minimal floor space and has a total weight of approximately 1,200kg. Due to this lightweight design, if required, the user can easily move the brake tester between different workshop areas and store the item away when not in use.

Take a look at our brake tester video to get an idea of the manoeuvrability of the equipment.

Increased efficiency with tablet technology

With a simple touchscreen tablet display included as standard with all Totalkare brake testers, tests can be carried out by one person from the comfort of the driver’s seat, introducing a new, flexible way of working. The IT system uses the latest app technology for smartphone and tablet (Windows and Android) and can capture data from a complete inspection lane. The easy to use software can collect advanced data which can be stored or printed, with or without a connection to a PC/Notebook.

Other flexible features

As well as the instant time and cost savings, undertaking in-house brake testing presents an extra revenue opportunity for workshop, giving the option to offer the service locally to neighbouring businesses.

Totalkare’s mobile brake tester also has a number of optional extra features. The equipment can be installed with a load simulation system – a popular option for workshops that want to see whether the vehicle is doing what is expected under ‘loaded’ conditions. Extended on-ramps, tachograph calibration and bi-directional rollers are some more of the optional features that make this equipment so flexible.

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